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Looking for a ball dress shop in Perth, Western Australia that values uniqueness, quality and affordability? We are Envious Fashions. We specialize in both ready to wear and custom made ball dresses, evening gowns, prom dresses, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses

About Envious Fashions

Envious Fashions started out as an online fashion boutique in 2012 stocking women’s fashion clothing, jewellery and accessories. While we loved this, we found that the market was being flooded with so many other online (and) fashion boutiques. We’ve always strived to be different from other retailers and offer our customers fashion that is unique and different to the mainstream. So we decided to take a side step and take Envious Fashions into a new direction and in 2014 we introduced our first in house designed and made collection of ball dresses and evening gowns. This first collection was very humble and only a very small line as it was a very new market for us.  As a small business, we don’t have all the resources in the world like the bigger corporate brands so we needed to start off small, learn and understand our customers’ wants and needs with ball dresses and gowns.

This first collection’s style’s theme was simplicity and feminine.  The gowns were all long evening dress styles made of soft, flowy chiffon material with sweetheart necklines. Some styles had no beading or embellishments while other dresses had minimal beading to add a bit of bling. The overall look was like a floating goddess. Our first collection of evening and formal dresses was well received by girls looking for that simple and gorgeous ball dress. Our dresses were also popular for formal and black tie events.

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Since then, Envious Fashions have continued to release a new collection of ball gowns and dresses every year since our first collection. Our dresses have evolved with style, materials and craftsmanship. We aim to incorporate different styles to suit different tastes and likes.

So what makes an Envious Fashions evening gown different to that from all the others?

Each gown is specially designed in house and we only make one in each dress design. This means that formal dress will be unique to you; no one else will have the exact same dress as the one you buy from us. We can guarantee it. That takes out the stress of purchasing a dress and end up worrying if another girl will wear that same dress to your school ball or special party function.

We work with our creative designers to come up with a beautiful collection of evening and formal gowns. The designs are sketched and then we source the materials such as fabrics, lining, beading, jewels and embellishments for each individual evening gown. Our highly skilled and experienced seamstresses/dressmakers then take on the duty of brining to life each sketched ball dress into reality.

Each evening dress is made with precision and to the highest quality of craftsmanship. We want to ensure there is a level of personalization and specialness to each of our evening dresses rather than mass production. We are one of the very few formal dress shops in Perth that design and make all of our ball dresses and gowns. What’s more, we also want to ensure our formal dresses are very reasonably priced and affordable. Combining the vision of a beautifully unique formal gown, designed and made in house, to the highest workmanship and being affordable, we think an Envious Fashions dress will make you look and feel gorgeous. This is what sets us apart from other ball dress shops in Perth and even online.

What other products and services do you offer?

(1) Ready to wear, long evening dresses

As we detailed above, all our ball dresses and formal gowns are designed and handmade by Envious Fashions. We only make one in each design and once sold; we don’t restock or make the same style again. That is, unless you request a custom made order to that dress then we most certainly can make that same style for you (more on this later). Each ball dresses/formal dresses collection is a little bit different from one another. The reason for this is our ideals and inspiration change thereby, our collection reflects this. You can purchase these evening dresses in store at our North Perth shop or online.

 (2) Pre-order formal and prom dresses

Being a small business we can't carry a lot of stock due to the high overhead and operating costs to do so. We also understand that there are many different styles, tastes and preferences from different customers but it would be merely impossible to carry that much variety at this stage.

So that's why we have the pre-order system for ball dresses, evening gowns, formal dresses and prom dresses. In other words, we have in stock evening dresses which are the gowns in our Envious Fashions collections and the pre-order formal dresses which we do not have in stock but order in as per customer's order. All of the pre-order formal dresses are listed on our website, with all the product information such as material, size and colours available for each of the individual dress styles. These pre-order formal gowns are located at our business partner/supplier's showroom in Los Angeles, USA. It will take between 5-10 working days for your dress to arrive from the US. If you require the dress sooner than the specified timeframe, then of course there are other shipping options.

This pre-order evening/formal dresses system allows us to offer customers a much broader variety of styles and designs; from classic and timeless style formal dresses to current trend designs. Also, we can also cater to different needs such as petites, standard and plus sizes (XS-4XL).

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(3) Custom and made to measure service

At Envious Fashions, we also take pride in our custom made dresses services. Sometimes you just don’t want to go with what everyone is wearing, or shop at ball dress boutiques that offer styles that everyone can buy too. You want to be stand out, make a statement, and leave a lasting impression, look and feel your absolute best. A custom made evening gown or ball dress is the solution for you.

Generally, customers wanting a custom made dress come to us with a dress style in mind but due to common reasons such as;

(1) They can't find that particular dress style available at other ball dress shops or formal dresses boutiques

(2) The prices quoted are too expensive

(3) The customer is hesitant about ordering a custom made dress online

All our custom made ball dresses and formal evening gowns are made to order, to your specific instructions/requirements and size. It’s a relatively straight forward and quick ordering process with custom made dresses with us.

What we require from you is a picture of the dress style you like so we have a good idea of what you’re after. We can use this style as the base in making your custom made dress. As it is a custom dress, we can adjust the details such as adding more or reducing the amount of sequins, beading or embellishments as you like. We can also change the neckline or the top composition of your custom dress. For example, some customers bring in a photo of their dream dress but want to make changes such as adding sleeves to a strapless dress or change the sleeve style from strappy to off the shoulder. That’s no problems.

Or another way we can help you make your custom made ball dress/formal gown is the “mix and match” method which means you combine different elements of different dresses to the design of your custom made dress. For example, you bring in three different photos of dresses that you like. In dress A; you like the overall dress silhouette. In dress B; you like the neckline of the dress. In dress C; you like the style of the beading on the dress. So with your custom evening gown, it will be combining the dress shape, neckline and embellishment style. Of course, you like most of the original dress you picked but just want to make some minor adjustments or additions, which is absolutely fine. We will of course also offer you the option of having your custom dress made in the colour of your choice.

If you’re not sure what kind of ball dress you want, we’re available to provide free consultation on which type of dress would suit your body shape and overall look. We can advise further on materials and dress details to suit your style, body and budget.

Once you’re happy with all your custom dress’s details, we book your custom made dress into our production schedule to have it made. The time it takes to get your custom made ball dress ready will depend on a couple of things such as;

  1. How simple/elaborate your custom gown is. For example, a simple dress with minimal or no beading or embellishments will take approximately 30 days. A moderately detailed dress will take between 35-45 days and an elaborate dress with intricate design and embellishments will take up to 45-60 days. As the custom gown is made by hand, it is time intensive, so therefore the simplicity of intricacy of the dress determines the lead time to complete the dress.
  2. The time of the year you order your custom dress. There are certain times of the year when it may take longer to get your custom ball/formal/prom dress made due to the demand of customer orders. Generally the peak time for custom made dresses is between December to the start of February. Many balls are held around the start of the year and custom orders fill up during these times. Other custom made dress types (i.e custom bridesmaid dresses) also fill our production calendar.

For custom made dresses, we would recommend getting in touch with us at least 3-4 months in advance to book in for your custom made ball dress to get made. This will ensure we have time to discuss the dress details with you, budget (if required), source the materials for your custom made dress and have our seamstresses make your ball gown. What’s more, it will give you time to make any alteration to the dress if you require.

(4) Clothing alteration service

Envious Fashions have in house clothing tailors with over 30 years of experience. Whether you need your ball dress’s length taken up or your ball gown altered to fit you perfectly, our qualified tailors can do the job with a quick turnaround time and very affordable. Depending on the scope of the alteration job it will determine how long it will take to get the alterations completed. If it is just taking up the hem of your ball dress then generally it will take between 5-10 working days.

For ball dresses to be taken in or taken out to fit you, it depends on if your ball dress has beading and embellishments on the sides of the dress. If so, this will be quite time intense as your ball dress will be needed to be taken apart, altered and then the beadings to be stitched back. This may take between 10-14 days. However if it is a simple gown then the timeframe will be between 5-10 days. Please note these timeframes are only estimates and may change according to our tailor’s workload.

We hope we have given you a good insight on what Envious Fashions can offer when you’re looking for ball dress shops in Perth. We are a small local business but our main focus is our customers. We make every effort to look after our customers on a one on one basis and provide personalized service.

If you’re looking for something in particular or have any questions or queries about ball dresses, feel free to get in contact to us via email or phone and we’d be happy to help! Click here for our contact details.

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