Monday 3rd July, 2017

Choosing the perfect style and fit wedding dress is always a challenge and the task doesn’t get any easier if you fall in the plus size category. We hear from countless bride customers that being a plus size means that they aren’t able to just walk into a store and try a wedding dress that may catch their eye because the store doesn’t stock their size. Even if the store did, the wedding dress would somehow not fit properly in certain areas and fit ok in others body areas. For whatever plus size stock was available, the designs and fabrics were rather “daggy” and not very flattering or near as beautiful as the standard size wedding gowns.

Many brides come to us concerned about their size and not being able to find their dream wedding dress that will make them look beautiful as well as feel comfortable. Our first message that we relay to plus size customers is that it’s not the size that should be the main focus in finding the perfect wedding dress. At the end of the day, it is just a number on a tag on the inside of the wedding dress.

The main focus should be on your body shape and finding what is the best wedding dress style that suits your body to highlight your best curves and conceal the parts that are not. We believe by sitting down and discussing with you to find what you like and then working together to design a style to suit and flatter your specific shape is the best way. With our custom made wedding dress service, it isn’t about size; we just work to make that beautiful wedding gown to your measurement. So no matter what age, size or shape you are, a custom made wedding dress is the best way to get you a truly unique and flattering wedding dress for your special day.  

Every bride wants to look and feel their absolute best on their special day and their wedding dress plays an important role as to the bride’s feelings. Here at Envious fashions, we welcome plus size brides and we specialize in creating a unique and one of a kind wedding gown to suit each individual bride in her taste, style and body shape to perfectly capture her essence, beauty and individualism.

We can make an array of different bridal dress styles, so whether you’re after a boho style, vintage style, classic Hollywood elegance or something more modern, we can help you create that dream custom made wedding gown. Some brides-to-be feel like it’s their first priority and obligation to know exactly what they want.  If you do, that’s great. If not, that’s nothing to fret about either. This is the fabulous aspect about a custom made wedding dress. We can work together to find out what you do and don’t like, put all the details together to come up with your unique and beautiful custom made wedding gown. Once we’ve hashed out the style details and you’re happy with the design, your measurements will be taken to ensure your custom bridal gown fits you perfectly from every curve and angle.

So how does the custom made wedding dress process work? We know that planning a wedding, going dress shopping for your dream wedding gown is tough work so we don’t want to put any more undue stress on you so we make our custom made process as easy and seamless as possible so it’s one less thing you have to worry about and also enjoy the development of your dream wedding dress being made. After all, the wedding dress plays a big part in your wedding and designing (custom made) it is part of the whole experience!  

With our custom made and order wedding dresses are as simple as 4 very simple steps;

  1. Work out your wedding dress budget
  2. Contact us for a price quote
  3. If you're happy to go ahead, book a bridal consultation appointment with us
  4. Gather several different styles of wedding dresses you like

That’s it! We will take care of the rest from here. You can sit back and relax and not worry about looking and shopping around for your wedding dress

Read in detail here of the above steps for your custom made wedding dress.

Pictured here are a few styles that are very flattering for plus size brides. Get in contact with us for a chat about the style of dress that is best suited for your body and discuss the different options available. We’d love to help you create and make your beautifully unique wedding dress.

plus size wedding bridal gowns custom made perth

Monday 26th June, 2017

The sweetheart neckline is an extremely popular style with formal dresses, evening dress, wedding, bridal and bridesmaid dresses.  It is a beautiful and flattering neckline style that suits almost every woman’s bust. Not only is the sweetheart neckline popular, it is an often preferred and picked style across age groups which highlights the gorgeousness of this stunning neckline.

What is a sweetheart neckline formal dress?

A sweetheart neckline is characterized by the top part of the neckline like the shape of a heart at the bust line and rises over the top of the breasts. This neckline is suitable for both small and larger busted women. For small busts, you can choose a formal dress with in sewn bra cups which gives the bust area a bit of shape and lift, then wear an additional strapless push up bra or adhesive push up bra to give your bust more definition and cleavage. For fuller busts, the sweetheart neckline gives a flattering look that balances out and accentuates your cleavage very well. You can opt to go braless if the dress is a correct fit or wear with a strapless bra for added support.

The best thing about this neckline is that it elongates the face and provides a very balanced and proportional look to the overall silhouette. The collarbone and décolletage is considered one of the many alluring parts of a woman’s body and the sweetheart neckline, being an open neckline allows attention to be brought to this upper body and face. This neckline is a flattering and modest way to create, enhance and show of your curves perfectly (given that you don’t allow too much to show).

Recommended for;

  • Petite women with a smaller bust as the sweetheart neckline can be worked to give the illusion of a fuller chest with the right undergarments and padding.
  • Large busted women can totally make the sweetheart neckline look sexy by accentuating the cleavage.

Sweetheart neckline formal and evening dresses, as well as bridal and wedding dresses come in a wide variety of different styles; strapless, strappy, short sleeves and even long sleeves. So if you have your eye set on a particular style with a sweetheart neckline, it would most likely suit you. If you love a particular formal/evening dress style but it doesn’t have a sweetheart neckline, consider a custom made formal dress with a sweetheart neckline, which we can certainly help you with.

Sweetheart necklines also come in two varieties; a soft sweetheart and a sharp sweetheart. The soft sweetheart neckline is more rounded at the point where it sits in the middle, between your breasts whereas a sharp sweetheart is more defined and “sharp” point which highlights the sweetheart neckline shape more prominently. Whichever variety of sweetheart neckline you choose depends on the overall style of your formal dress and what you’d like to emphasize in your bust region.

Here are a few ideas of sweetheart neckline formal dresses.

sweetheart neckline formal dress gowns

Here are a few ideas of wedding dresses with sweetheart necklines.

sweetheart neckline wedding dresses

If you’re after a custom made formal dress, wedding or bridal gown, we can help you through the design and custom made process. You will have one on one consultation about every detail of your custom gown. If there’s a particular aspect that you’d like to accentuate or conceal, we can assist in advising the best ways to do so. Whether you want a soft, sharp, low or modest sweetheart neckline gown, we can work with you to achieve the best type to suit your body and shape.

Get in contact with us and inquire about your custom made gown for your special event.

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Monday 12th June, 2017

Many brides these days are searching for their dream wedding dress via alternative avenues rather than the traditional bridal stores for many different reasons; too expensive in store, doesn’t stock their size (i.e petite or plus sizes), doesn’t have the wedding dress style they want etc. Brides purchasing their wedding gowns online is now quite popular thanks to the world wide web allowing bride-to-be’s to shop for wedding dresses not only from their country but from around the world. This of course opens up many options and choices for brides in terms of price, designs and even custom made services.

With ordering online wedding dresses, many of these online retailers will require your measurements to check your size measurement against the dress measurements. If you opt for a custom made wedding dress you will certainly need to provide your body measurements for your dress to be made to fit you.

Check our guide below on how to measure yourself to get the body measurements for ordering your wedding dress online.

How To Measure Yourself

A few starting notes;

  • Do not measure over other clothing as this will distort the measurements
  • Measure with underwear or undergarments that you intend to with your wedding dress
  • Ensure that the measuring tape is pulled evenly across the body and areas of measuring with no slack

how to measure yourself wedding dresses online


It is suggested you get some assistance from a family member or friend to help you take your measurements to ensure that each area of measurement is measured accurately to ensure your custom made wedding dress is made to the right measurement specifications, saving you on alteration costs.

If you order custom made wedding dresses (or any other formal dresses or bridal dress) we will take care of all the measurement for you in store. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.

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Monday 19th June, 2017

Got a school ball coming up? Want to look smashing and stand out from the crowd? Your best bet is a custom made ball dress. With a custom made ball dress you can be assured that you will be the only one wearing that special dress because it is a design and style that you picked and have it made and not off the rack in stores. Although some ball dresses stores have ball dress registrars that note down which dress is purchased from which schools to ensure that the same dress doesn’t get sold to the same school at a particular time, it is still not quite as special as having a “one off” kind of ball dress that is unique and exclusive to you.

We had a customer, Kate, who had been searching online for her school ball dress but found that no Australian ball dress boutiques stocked that particular style. Overseas online retailers had availability of the dress but it was much pricier than what the customer had in mind for a budget. The dress the customer wanted was priced in USD and when taking in account that the price had to be converted to AUD and then include shipping costs, the dress came to a total of over $850 AUD.

Kate came to us hoping we could help her which we were certainly most able to. After we showed her a sample fabric swatch of what her two piece custom made ball dress would be made from and providing her with a quote, she was delighted with the material and the price, being several hundred dollars less than the various prices she saw online for the two piece ball dress she wanted.

The Original Dress:

This is the original Sherri Hill two piece ball dress that Kate wanted for her school ball.

custom made ball dresses Perth

Custom Order Specifications:

custom made ball gowns Perth

The original dress style that Kate wanted was a Sherri Hill two piece design featuring a cropped jewelled top with a flowing satin skirt with thigh leg split. Kate opted to have the exact same cobalt blue with her custom ball dress.

Kate wanted to make a few design adjustments as we have indicated in the black and white image including;

  • A sweetheart neckline: Kate loved the sweetheart neckline and she wanted to have this neckline with her custom made ball dress rather than the original style of a high neck halter top.
  • Sheer mesh illusion above the sweetheart neckline: Kate was pondering about having the sheer illusion neckline in a blue shade matching that to cobalt blue as well as having jewels on the mesh area. We offered her the option of having a nude mesh or the cobalt blue. Kate decided to go with the nude mesh. We advised against having jewels on mesh as the sweetheart part of the top would already be fully embellished with jewels. If the mesh part was adorned with additional jewels it would take away the feature from the top.
  • Embellished “choker” neck: The choker height was changed to be smaller to give full feature effect to the lower part of the jewelled encrusted crop top.
  • Skirt to have no train: Kate wanted the skirt to be simplistic and remove the train to allow for ease of movement, which we can easily accommodate.

The Custom Made Version

Here are a few photos of the completed dress with the details and adjustments to the original design as per Kate's request.

custom made ball gowns Perth Australia

Close Up Details Of The Crop Top

custom made 2 piece prom dress

The entire area of the crop top hand sewn with light diffusing silver and dark blue jewel beads.

custom made ball dress dressmakers

custom made prom dresses Perth online

custom made ball dresses Perth Australia

ball gowns custom made perth

These pictures do Kate’s custom two piece ball dress no justice! These pictures show the detailing of Kate’s top which features a combination of silver and dark blue jewelled beads which each were all hand sewn individually on by our seamstress. The beautiful jewel beads have an iridescent sparkle in both artificial and natural sunlight, making it a perfect for formal functions at night for that shimmer and shine. This beautiful custom made dress was made according to Kate’s specific requests with the detailing as well as her measurements for her school ball and is guaranteed that no one else will have the exact same ball dress as her, the great thing about a custom made gown!

Love this two piece custom made ball dress and want to get your version made? We can help you! Whether you want this two piece dress made like the original style or Kate’s style or perhaps add your own design adjustments, that’s no problems at all. We can offer this custom made dress in many different colours. Whether you want to get this two piece ball dress made or another style, we can certainly help you make a dress that will make you stand out at your school ball! For more information on how the custom made ball dresses process works, click here.

Get in touch with us if you have any custom made dress inquiries or questions.

Monday 5th June, 2017

Wedding dresses are expensive. In fact, it will probably be the most expensive dress a woman will ever buy in her entire life. According to an e-commerce site, Lyst the average price tag brides to be spent last year on their wedding dress was approximately $1,770 AUD ($1,334 USD) with this year that average has dropped to $1,320 AUD. With the tough economy and the huge list of costs associated with weddings (the average wedding cost being $30,000), it’s understandable that the modern bride is looking for affordable alternatives with buying their wedding dresses.

It’s pretty hard to convince yourself to shell our many thousands of dollars on a wedding gown that will be worn for a few hours and then be hanging at the back of your closet after the wedding day. Budget conscious brides, you’re in luck if you are reading this as we can help you with a wedding dress under $1,000! And the best part? We will custom make the wedding dresses to your measurements and specifications! This means you can show us a wedding dress design you love and we can make that style for you or you can work with us to design your bridal gown and customize different parts of the dress and details. Yes, you read correctly, your customized wedding dress under 1K!

Here at Envious Fashions we believe every bride deserves a beautiful wedding gown she will love and wear on her special day. We also believe that a beautiful wedding dress needn’t cost the earth for exquisiteness, style and quality but not have to settle for sub-par quality in terms of workmanship and beauty if on a budget. It can be hard to find a beautiful bridal gown for less than $1,000 but it’s not impossible! As we work off a custom made service basis for wedding dresses, this means we save on storage costs, enabling our bridal customers to truly create a unique and individual wedding dress to their exact wants and not an off the rack gown, therefore, we can offer you an exceptionally beautiful wedding gown for less than $1,000. We are very confident we are one of the very few custom made bridal businesses that can offer custom made wedding dresses for under the $1,000 mark. We can custom made wedding dresses for petite, standard and plus size brides.

In a few easy steps you are on your way to getting a beautiful custom made wedding gown with us on a very budget friendly basis. So what is required with the custom made wedding dress process?

1. Send us a photo of the wedding dress you love and would like to get custom made. Let us know the specifics of the dress of what you want I.e same material, slightly different style, more of less beading and embellishments (if required) etc. This will enable us to give you an estimated price for the wedding dress to be custom made. We will also advise you of an estimated completed and delivery date of your wedding dress.

2. If you are happy with the price we will set up an appointment to go over the gown’s details in person and we will measure you up for your custom bridal dress to be made.

3. We will send you back a confirmed custom order form of your wedding dress’s specific details within 24 hours for you to review and confirm. Once you give us the green light and confirm all the information are correct, a 50% deposit (of the total dress value) is required to secure your booking, schedule your custom made wedding dress into our production schedule and for us to start sourcing the materials to make your dress.

For a detailed process and information on our custom made wedding dresses services, read more here.

Of course not all weddings dresses we custom make will be able to be under the $1,000 mark if it is highly elaborate, requires very heavy beading and embellishments, couture materials etc. To give you an idea of the styles of custom wedding dresses that are under $1,000, check out our roundup below of wedding dresses we can create and make for you.

custom made wedding lace dresses $1000

This high neck, long sleeve lace mermaid wedding dress style starts from $899.00 AUD custom made.

wedding dresses $1000 Australia

This high neck vintage boho all over lace wedding gown style starts from $899.00 AUD custom made.

cheap wedding dresses $1000 Australia

This illusion sheer sleeve with beaded embellishment chiffon style wedding dress starts from $699.00 AUD custom made.

custom made wedding dresses Perth $1000

This halter neck beaded and lace applique mermaid style wedding gown starts from $899.00 AUD custom made.

Cheap wedding gowns Perth

This sleeveless, V back lace top and chiffon skirt flowy wedding dress stye starts from $549.00 AUD custom made.

Love what you see? Want to get your dream wedding dress custom made? Get in contact with us today and we'd love to help you design and create your beuatiful custom made wedding gown.

wedding dresses custom made

Monday 29th May, 2017

Pippa Middleton’s luxurious wedding unfolded a couple of weeks ago and publicized heavily in the media. It seems amasses of brides-to-be have turned to Pippa for inspiration, seeking inspiration for a royal elegance with the wedding dress style. There was much speculation leading up to the big day as to what Pippa’s wedding gown would look like and she tried to keep the design as closely guarded as possible. Pippa’s wedding dress was a British couturier, Giles Deacon.

pippa middleton lace wedding dress

Bride-to-be have been eager to find out the specific details of the wedding gown and according to the fashion designer himself, Deacon describes the high neck wedding dress for Pippa as;

"The bespoke silk cotton lace was hand appliqued to create an illusion of the dress having 'no seams. The lace bodice is embroidered with pearl detailing over an organza and tulle underskirt, which has layer upon layer to enable a floor-sweeping movement.”

Pippa’s veil was designed by Milliner Stephen Jones which was made of fine tulle with a degrade of embroidered pearls.

Pippa’s high neckline lace dress details summarized;

- High neck

- Capped sleeve

- Corseted bodice

- Keyhole back

- Wedding dress made in guipure lace

- Full A line skirt and train witha  contemporary take on the classic ball gown style wedding dress

- The wedding dress is estimated to be priced upwards of $70,000 AUD

Pippa’s high neck lace wedding gown was made from guipure lace which is a lace that connects the motifs and patterns together with plaits rather than mesh or netting. Guipure lace is available in many intricate designs and each design features a uniquely crafted scallop edge. This is a beautiful fabric choice for wedding dresses and formal/evening dresses and Pippa’s wedding dress is a perfect example of how the lace can be transformed into a magnificent bridal dress.

Here are a few examples of the different guipure lace styles.

guipure lace bridal fabrics wedding dresses

Here are the beautiful wedding dresses that the guipure lace can be transformed into.

guipure lace wedding dresses

The high neck wedding dress is a beautifully elegant and classy style for the modern bride that is after a vintage or classic look. High neckline wedding dresses look so beautifully sophisticated with lace and with so many different wedding dress designs and lace styles available; you’re in no shortage of having lots to pick from.

How to accessorize a high neck lace wedding dress

A high neckline lace bridal gown requires only minimal accessorizing and is suggested that the bride only choose one piece of jewellery or accessory. This singular piece of jewellery allows you to still add to the look without taking attention away from the beautiful lace and bodice of your wedding dress. For high neck bridal lace gowns jewelleries or accessories to pick from include a hair accessory, bracelet or a dainty pair of earrings. Pearl or diamond drop earrings would set off the elegance without taking too much away from your dress’s bodice.

high neck lace wedding dresses perth

Whilst we love the style and detail of Pippa’s dress, most brides to be would not likely have this kind of budget to work with. Here at Envious Fashions we can help you create a very similar wedding gown to that of Pippa’s with a much more realistic and affordable price range. We can work with you to piece together your version of Pippa’s dress and make it similar to Pippa’s gown or your unique version with the lace and detailing. The price to get this Pippa Middleton high neck wedding gown custom made with is from $799-$1,300 depending on how intricate you want your final custom lace wedding dress to be. We can work together with you to design and create your dream lace wedding dress so if you’d like to get started and find out more, please get in touch with us to discuss further.

In the meantime, you can read more about how our custom made wedding dress service works here.

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Monday 15th May, 2017

When it comes to wedding dresses we generally think of perhaps rather extravagant and detailed style wedding gowns. However the power of simplicity cannot be underestimated to make a huge impact and statement. There’s something about a beautiful, alluring and freshness of a simple white dress that puts the bride in the spotlight on her special day and her simple wedding dress just works to accentuate her beauty.

simple wedding dresses

Simple wedding dresses are a perfect choice for beach weddings, garden weddings, civil weddings and very popular with brides to be for the second time. The fabulous thing about minimalist wedding dresses is that you can dress it up as much or down as you like. You can go for the traditional silver jewellery and bling or if you’re a bit more daring, perhaps add a bit of colour to your overall look with a pop of jewel coloured jewellery such as emerald earrings or bracelet.

A “simple” or “minimalist” wedding gown doesn’t have to be all plain Jane and boring as it may sometimes be perceived. You can of course keep the wedding dress as simplistic as possible with minimal beading and jewels or you can keep the wedding dress’s canvas “blank” and add a main focal feature detailing.

Some ideas for a simple wedding dress with beautiful and standout features;

  • All over satin wedding dress with a sewn in waist belt or tie up waist belt
  • Chiffon wedding dress with embellished shoulder strap and waist with beading, sequins and/or jewels, crystals
  • Chiffon wedding dress with sheer illusion top and lace accents on sleeves and/or bodice
  • Straight up no embellishment on wedding gown but opt for a striking dress shape such as a mermaid or trumpet style wedding dress
  • All over chiffon in a soft and floaty style combined with lace embroidery

Simple can really be stunning. With the right combination of style, material and features, minimalistic wedding dresses can be an absolute vision!

If you’re looking for a simple wedding dress or would love to design your custom made simple wedding gown, get in touch with us and we can help you bring to life your dream custom made wedding dress.

A frequently asked question is how much does it cost to make a custom made wedding dress? For this type of wedding gown style (minimalist style) prices range from $650-$900, depending on what other extra detailing you require with your dress. For example, if you want more beading, jewels or embellishments this will cost a little bit more to cover the cost of labour towards the dress. We know that many brides are after a beautiful and affordable wedding dress and we are proud to be able to offer a custom made service of beautiful wedding dresses for under $1,000. To give you an idea of what styles we can do and how much, the designs pictured are styles we have made before and also under the $1,000 mark. A beautiful wedding dress doesn’t need to cost the earth!

If you’d like to know more about how our custom made wedding dresses service works, we have the topic and the steps covered in a previous blog post here.

Get in contact with us to discuss your wedding dress style, requirements, budget or anything else about your wedding gown; we’d love to help you create your dream wedding dress!

Monday 8th May, 2017

Once you’ve said “YES” to the perfect man, it’s time to find and say “YES” to the perfect wedding dress. The process of looking for and finding your perfect wedding gown is one of the most important, time consuming and stressful task for some brides. As all brides who are going through (or have went through) the process of shopping for their dream wedding dress, you’d know that it’s not a simple as of a task as what it may seem. 

You might have been around to several bridal stores now but still haven’t gotten your dream wedding dress yet. Or perhaps you have found a wedding dress you’ve really liked but the price tag on it is above what you want, can and willing to pay for it. Or perhaps you’ve found a wedding gown close to what you like but it’s just not “the one”. Or perhaps you have found that some of the wedding dresses don’t fit your right or suit your body. Or perhaps you don’t want off the rack. One bride said to us during her bridal consultation appointment, “I’ve looked everywhere online and haven’t been able to find something that I like that fits my budget. I don’t want to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding gown and until I stumbled across Envious Fashions, I hadn’t even thought of getting my wedding dress custom made but I am so glad that this is now an option!”

Does one of these scenarios sound like what you have/are going through? If so, well, this is where a custom design wedding dress at Envious Fashions is your absolute best choice. Why?

Because we can help to solve all of the above possible scenario problems. If you have some combination of the above issues in finding your perfect wedding dress, read on to find out how the custom design and making process of your wedding dress works and what you need to do to proceed with the custom making process with us.

custom design wedding dresses perth

1. Work out your wedding dress budget

Different brides will have different budgets for their wedding dress. Generally custom made wedding dresses cost more than off the rack wedding dresses but the one thing here at Envious Fashions that we do differently from other bridal shops in Perth and Australia is that we don’t carry ready-made wedding dresses stock (or check out our pre-order wedding dresses) but take pride in our custom made wedding dresses to suit the budget and styles of each individual bride.

We work on an individual basis with each bride to accommodate her specific style, look and budget. We often work with brides that have a budget between $500-$1,800. By knowing and having a reasonable budget in mind will make the process of discussing your custom made dress with us much easier as we know what to consult you on in terms of fabrics, detailing etc to work within your price range as well as getting a wedding dress you will love.  

2. Contact us for a price quote

You don’t even have to come see us yet at this stage. You just need to get in contact with us and send us a high quality/resolution picture or photo of the wedding dress you would like custom made. We highly recommend a good quality picture of the dress (for example, picture below) as this would show the specific details on the dress which in turn will allow us to give you an accurate quote as if you do decide to go ahead with us, provide clear details of the wedding dress so we can make it as close as possible to the original design (if that is what you want).

custom design and made wedding dresses perth

Along with the quote we will advise you of an estimated lead time as to when your custom made wedding dress will be completed.

3. Contact us to book a bridal consultation appointment

If you are happy with the price quote, the next step is to set up an appointment to meet with us to go over your custom wedding dress in detail and get you measured up. At this appointment you’ll have a chance to go over your custom made dress and make any specific requests, seek any clarification, suggestions or have any questions. We will confirm your final custom made bridal gown price (if you have any additional details you want to include with your dress that wasn’t originally discussed) and a production lead time to get your custom wedding gown made and the completed date.

Please be aware that each and every one of our custom made wedding dresses are handmade from start to end so our standard delivery time is 4-5 months, depending on how intricate or detailed your gown is. If it is a heavily beaded and embellished wedding gown, please schedule and allow an additional 2 months to the standard delivery timeframe.

If you absolutely need it under our standard lead time please enquire with us about a RUSH ORDER. 

4. Gather several different styles of wedding dresses you like

Of course you don’t have to have a few different (or similar) styles but we always recommend this. The reason we recommend this is if, let’s say, your first preferred style is not feasible for whatever reason (i.e the original wedding dress is too intricate and does not fall within the budget allowed, we do not have the specific material etc) we will work with you on your second choice, third, fourth etc. We can mix and match certain features of the dress to combine all the elements together to create a custom wedding dress that will suit you and one that you will love. Having said that, more often than not our brides almost always end up getting their first choice of their wedding dress (falling within their budget and all the custom requests).

Another reason why we suggest the bride to bring along a few styles is so we have a good idea of what you like and why. This will help us to consult, make suggestions and recommendations on certain aspects of your custom made wedding gown to make you look and feel your best. For example; a bride might have 3 different dress styles; the bride loves the overall look of the first wedding dress (pictured), wants the back of the wedding dress to be like the style in the second picture and want the custom wedding dress made in the lace as per the lace style in picture 3.

custom made wedding gowns cheap perth

We will work with you to combine all these highlighted elements of each wedding dress to create your custom designed wedding dress. We will provide our honest opinions and suggestions to help you and guide you through the whole process.

Well, that is just in a nutshell of our pretty simple system of ordering your custom made wedding gown. We try to make the custom made process as easy and enjoyable for our brides as possible as we believe this is one of the most enjoyable aspects in the wedding preparation. Shopping for your dream wedding dress shouldn’t and need not be a stressful task!

If you want custom made bridesmaid dresses, we can also help you on that too. It is essentially the same procedure as the custom made wedding dress process. Or you can read in detail in our previous blog post how to order custom bridesmaid dresses with us. Click here to read more.

We can offer bride and bridesmaid dresses packaged deals so this is great to save a few hundred dollars! Enquire with us on what options we have available to suit your specific needs.

Get in contact with us to start the process of designing your dream wedding dress!

cheap affordable wedding dresses custom made perth

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