Cobalt blue is one of the most loved color hues. We published a blog post some time ago last year in our blog How To Wear Cobalt Blue and we've received quite a few customer inquiries about how to wear and style the color.  Cobalt blue is also known as royal blue.

Cobalt blue is a vibrant shade and while some colors may not suit all skin tones, this cool blue is universally flattering making it easy to wear and great to wear day or night. Cobalt blue is a very influential color in the fashion world from the fashion runways, to celebrities and with fashion bloggers. One of the reasons why fashion loves cobalt blue so much is it's value of versatility. It allows you to make a bold statement without making you look like a total attention seeker. You can wear head to toe cobalt blue or add subtle pieces to your look.

Cobalt blue on the runway

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cobalt blue street style fashion

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What Colors To Wear With Cobalt Blue

Black & White

Blacks and whites compliment almost every color hue and when you pair either black , white or a combination of both with cobalt blue, the look is super sleek modern chic. For example, a black outfit of nicely fitted and tailored trousers, a sheer black chiffon blouse, black strappy heels and a cobalt blue blazer adds a stunning contrast but looks super sleek. Or an all black outfit with a statement cobalt blue clutch or handbag. Cobalt blue accessories such as a statement necklace also works beautifully against this black or white canvas. The look is just as striking with an all white canvas with pops of cobalt blue accented pieces to make your outfit really stand out.

Color blocking

It was once believed by conserved fashion followers that you shouldn't mix multiple colors in one outfit. How modern fashion has changed the rules of how we style and pair colors! Just because you're wearing one statement color doesn't mean you can't let another bold color enter the equation.  Contrary to belief, cobalt blue looks fabulous paired with other vibrant hues such as coral, tangerine, fuchsia, violet and canary yellow. Not only does cobalt blue work with brights, pastels also look stunning against this hue for a softer look perfect for spring or summer. Try a pastel chiffon cami with cobalt blue jeans or pants and a pair of nude pumps. Accessorize with a thick gold bangle for an effortless chic look that is super feminine.

Pair With Prints & Patterns

Cobalt blue provides a great canvas to showcase off prints and patterns. Pair a horizontal stripe crop top with a high waisted midi skirt with or try a pastel floral top with a pair of cobalt blue skinny jeans teamed with gold accessories, tan shoes and patent clutch for a simple chic look.


Cobalt blue looks ravishing against metallics. Whether you want to make a statement or add a subtle addition of metallics in your look, it works seamlessly and will ensure you look super chic and glam. Try a metallic shine singlet under a cobalt blue leather jacket paired with black skinny jeans or wet look leggings. Also try this look with matte leggings as the wet look and metallic contrasts nicely against a matte background. Finish off with a statement shiny silver cuff, rhinestone hoop earrings and a pair of black booties for a look that works for day or night.

A few last styling tips on cobalt blue;

  • This color looks richer on finer fabrics (such as chiffon, silk) rather than cheaper materials
  • Work in a corporate office?  A midi cobalt blue dress looks super sophisticated for the office. As the cobalt blue is already the statement hue of your outfit, choose understated colors such as nudes and tans for your handbag, heels and accessories, together with nude natural makeup.
  • Add contrast to your outfit with a sharp and bold strike of color with cobalt blue high heels, jewellery, belt, blazer or pair of pants. This adds a great element of bold statement while looking super chic and sophisticated
  • Patent nude pumps or heels with cobalt blue pants or dresses for a polished and effortless look
  • For the more daring fashionistas, leopard print heels and handbag make a great fashion statement
  • The versatility of cobalt blue makes accessorizing your playground. Silver, gold and rose gold jewellery looks stunning against this color hue and works for both casual outfits and formal occasions with cobalt blue ball dresses or prom gowns.
  • If you are working with accented cobalt blue piece (i.e mixing a feature cobalt blue piece such as pants and mixing with classic colors of black, white, greys), wearing several pieces of jewellery looks fab and chic. Why not try stacked silver or gold bracelets?
  • For a more formal occasion with a cobalt blue ball dress, simplicity works best for the occasion. Try a delicate matching earring and necklace set or with silver rhinestone bracelets. Try to not overdo your accessories to let the cobalt blue shine through.

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