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Ok, so the man of your dreams has popped the question, you said YES! You’ve admired your engagement ring for the millionth time from every angle and shared the wonderful news with all your loved ones. You’ve envisioned your perfect wedding dress and now on the lookout for it. You have in mind who your bridesmaids and maid of honour will be, you’ve asked them and they are stoked to be taking on the duties on your special day. Now it’s time to consider bridesmaid dresses for your special ladies.

- What style?

- What colour?

- What style?

- What colour?

- What material?

- What design to suit all your bridesmaids?

- Will you have one style or different bridesmaid dress styles?

- Budget allowable per bridesmaid dress?

- A classic bridesmaid dress style or something modern?

With so many things to consider and many brides typically having 3-6 bridesmaids, choosing a style to suit each bridesmaid’s body shape whilst also ensuring that all the girls are happy with the style can be a bit of an overwhelming task!

If you’re in doubt, we suggest opting for a timeless bridesmaid dress like that Paris Hilton (maid of honour) wore to her sister, Nicky Hilton’s wedding. The bridesmaid dress was a beautiful pale blue custom made chiffon formal gown by designer Dennis Basso. The simplicity of this dress is what makes it so stunning and elegant. The pale blue is also amazing. This bridesmaid dress is a truly timeless and classic gown that looks amazing on any body shape or size. This chiffon long dress is a fantastic choice if you have bridesmaids of different body types and the dilemma of choosing the right bridesmaid dresses for them. So whether you have a mix of petite, standard or plus size bridesmaids, this gorgeous light blue bridesmaid dress will suit and flatter them perfectly. The chiffon material emits a beautifully soft and feminine look with the pleated bust, gathered waistline and then flows beautifully to a floor length dress.  Not only is this bridesmaid dress beautiful but it will also be ultra-comfortable for your bridesmaids to move around in freely. Whilst Paris Hilton’s light blue chiffon dress most likely comes with a very hefty price tag; most likely to be in the thousands of dollars range we can make this exact bridesmaid dress at a very affordable price for you.

paris hilton bridesmaid dress

Paris Hilton custom made bridesmaid dress

Paris Hilton bridesmaid dress custom made replica

Paris Hilton's gorgeous light blue bridesmaid dress with strapless sweetheart neckline, pleated bust in chiffon in a long floaty style


Below are some information about getting a custom made bridesmaid dress with us.

Custom made bridesmaid dresses

Based on the design of Paris Hilton’s long chiffon dress;

  • The cost to custom make this dress is $280.00 each and made to each of your bridesmaid’s individual measurements.
  • All the bridesmaid gowns are 100% handmade.
  • Material will be made from 100% luxurious chiffon with satin lining.
  • You can opt to have the same style for all your bridesmaids or you can choose to have slightly varying styles for each bridesmaid. For example; if you choose the latter option of having different styles in terms of having a strapless style, a one shoulder style, a strappy style, an off the shoulder style. You can choose to mix and match different styles to suit each bridesmaid.
  • You can choose custom colours for your bridesmaid dresses. Again, we offer the option of getting the custom bridesmaid dresses in one colour for all of your bridesmaids or you can stay with the same style but have different colours either following a colour scheme (i.e pastel).
  • The production lead time to make the bridesmaid dresses are typically between 30-60 days, however this timeframe may vary slightly depending on how many dresses you order.

The custom made bridesmaid dress process

The process in getting a custom made bridesmaid dress with us is very simple. We try to simplify and make this process as easy and seamless as possible for you as we know as a bride, there are a never ending list of things to do and think about!

  1. Send us photos of the bridesmaid dresses you are looking at to get custom made. We suggest you get in contact with us at least 3 months in advance if you’d like a custom bridesmaid gown booked in. This allows us adequate time to book your order in our system, meet with you to discuss the preliminary details, source materials and get it organized and made by our dressmakers.
  1. After our initial contact you’ll most likely want an estimated price for the bridesmaid dresses. We do not have a “standard price” or set price for custom bridesmaid gowns. The price is determined on the amount of work that is required in making the dress so therefore depending on how simple or elaborate the dress is, the priced charged will reflect this. For example, if you want a minimalist dress like Paris Hilton’s light blue bridesmaid dress the cost is $280.00 which includes the waist embellished with clear crystal beading. The beaded waist belt on Paris’s dress is a separate accessory which was worn with the dress. We can make the dress for you with the waist embellishment being sewn on with the beading or as a separate waist belt at no extra cost. If you want to have the waist embellishment to be thicker in size there will be a small additional charge for the extra labour time (additional cost will depend on how much thicker or bigger you may want the belt). So when a decision has been made as to the specific details of the beading and embellishments, we will be able to give you an accurate quote on the total cost of the bridesmaid dress.
  1. If you’re happy to go ahead with the custom bridesmaid dresses order, we’d schedule a time for you to come into our shop in North Perth to take your bridesmaid’s measurements. This appointment takes about between 30-40 minutes to go over the bridesmaid dress details again and take the measurements of each bridesmaid. We will also show you our colour chart to choose for your bridesmaid dresses. You will be advised about the production lead time as to when the custom bridesmaid dresses will be completed.
  1. For custom made dresses, our policy is that we require a 50% deposit of the total price. This deposit secures your booking so we can start the process of making your custom dresses and this can be paid in advance prior to your bridesmaid’s fitting appointment or on the day of the appointment.
  1. Once we receive your deposit we will finalize all bridesmaid’s dress specifications and details and send you a copy of the custom order form. From here, you just leave the dresses all to us and we will be in contact with you again at the completion of your custom bridesmaid dresses.

We have had many brides say that they are hesitant in ordering bridesmaid dresses online because they’ve heard and read bad reviews. We know the online has its merits but the traditional method of speaking to and visiting a store is still favoured by many brides.

As a small business we aren’t able to compete on the rock bottom low prices $99-$150 that online Chinese manufacturers offer for custom made bridesmaid dresses but we pride ourselves on providing quality personalized service in terms of customer support and of course the custom dresses ordered. All our custom made dresses are 100% handmade from the pattern cutting to the final applications of sequins, embellishments and any detailing on the custom gown. 

Each individual dress that are in our in stock formal evening gowns range are entirely handmade to perfection. For custom made bridesmaid dresses many brides choose styles from our Envious Fashions collection but custom the sizing and colours. If you love one of our evening gown styles and want to order it as custom made dresses for your bridesmaids then we’re more than happy to help you out. If you’d like to pick your own style that you saw from another source then we’re happy to go with that option and help you make “your” version of the bridesmaid dresses.

If you’d like a local Perth and reliable business to make custom made bridesmaid dresses please contact Envious Fashions and we’d be delighted to help you.

custom made dressmakers bridesmaid dresses


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