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Once you’ve said “YES” to the perfect man, it’s time to find and say “YES” to the perfect wedding dress. The process of looking for and finding your perfect wedding gown is one of the most important, time consuming and stressful task for some brides. As all brides who are going through (or have went through) the process of shopping for their dream wedding dress, you’d know that it’s not a simple as of a task as what it may seem. 

You might have been around to several bridal stores now but still haven’t gotten your dream wedding dress yet. Or perhaps you have found a wedding dress you’ve really liked but the price tag on it is above what you want, can and willing to pay for it. Or perhaps you’ve found a wedding gown close to what you like but it’s just not “the one”. Or perhaps you have found that some of the wedding dresses don’t fit your right or suit your body. Or perhaps you don’t want off the rack. One bride said to us during her bridal consultation appointment, “I’ve looked everywhere online and haven’t been able to find something that I like that fits my budget. I don’t want to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding gown and until I stumbled across Envious Fashions, I hadn’t even thought of getting my wedding dress custom made but I am so glad that this is now an option!”

Does one of these scenarios sound like what you have/are going through? If so, well, this is where a custom design wedding dress at Envious Fashions is your absolute best choice. Why?

Because we can help to solve all of the above possible scenario problems. If you have some combination of the above issues in finding your perfect wedding dress, read on to find out how the custom design and making process of your wedding dress works and what you need to do to proceed with the custom making process with us.

custom design wedding dresses perth

1. Work out your wedding dress budget

Different brides will have different budgets for their wedding dress. Generally custom made wedding dresses cost more than off the rack wedding dresses but the one thing here at Envious Fashions that we do differently from other bridal shops in Perth and Australia is that we don’t carry ready-made wedding dresses stock (or check out our pre-order wedding dresses) but take pride in our custom made wedding dresses to suit the budget and styles of each individual bride.

We work on an individual basis with each bride to accommodate her specific style, look and budget. We often work with brides that have a budget between $500-$1,800. By knowing and having a reasonable budget in mind will make the process of discussing your custom made dress with us much easier as we know what to consult you on in terms of fabrics, detailing etc to work within your price range as well as getting a wedding dress you will love.  

2. Contact us for a price quote

You don’t even have to come see us yet at this stage. You just need to get in contact with us and send us a high quality/resolution picture or photo of the wedding dress you would like custom made. We highly recommend a good quality picture of the dress (for example, picture below) as this would show the specific details on the dress which in turn will allow us to give you an accurate quote as if you do decide to go ahead with us, provide clear details of the wedding dress so we can make it as close as possible to the original design (if that is what you want).

custom design and made wedding dresses perth

Along with the quote we will advise you of an estimated lead time as to when your custom made wedding dress will be completed.

3. Contact us to book a bridal consultation appointment

If you are happy with the price quote, the next step is to set up an appointment to meet with us to go over your custom wedding dress in detail and get you measured up. At this appointment you’ll have a chance to go over your custom made dress and make any specific requests, seek any clarification, suggestions or have any questions. We will confirm your final custom made bridal gown price (if you have any additional details you want to include with your dress that wasn’t originally discussed) and a production lead time to get your custom wedding gown made and the completed date.

Please be aware that each and every one of our custom made wedding dresses are handmade from start to end so our standard delivery time is 4-5 months, depending on how intricate or detailed your gown is. If it is a heavily beaded and embellished wedding gown, please schedule and allow an additional 2 months to the standard delivery timeframe.

If you absolutely need it under our standard lead time please enquire with us about a RUSH ORDER. 

4. Gather several different styles of wedding dresses you like

Of course you don’t have to have a few different (or similar) styles but we always recommend this. The reason we recommend this is if, let’s say, your first preferred style is not feasible for whatever reason (i.e the original wedding dress is too intricate and does not fall within the budget allowed, we do not have the specific material etc) we will work with you on your second choice, third, fourth etc. We can mix and match certain features of the dress to combine all the elements together to create a custom wedding dress that will suit you and one that you will love. Having said that, more often than not our brides almost always end up getting their first choice of their wedding dress (falling within their budget and all the custom requests).

Another reason why we suggest the bride to bring along a few styles is so we have a good idea of what you like and why. This will help us to consult, make suggestions and recommendations on certain aspects of your custom made wedding gown to make you look and feel your best. For example; a bride might have 3 different dress styles; the bride loves the overall look of the first wedding dress (pictured), wants the back of the wedding dress to be like the style in the second picture and want the custom wedding dress made in the lace as per the lace style in picture 3.

custom made wedding gowns cheap perth

We will work with you to combine all these highlighted elements of each wedding dress to create your custom designed wedding dress. We will provide our honest opinions and suggestions to help you and guide you through the whole process.

Well, that is just in a nutshell of our pretty simple system of ordering your custom made wedding gown. We try to make the custom made process as easy and enjoyable for our brides as possible as we believe this is one of the most enjoyable aspects in the wedding preparation. Shopping for your dream wedding dress shouldn’t and need not be a stressful task!

If you want custom made bridesmaid dresses, we can also help you on that too. It is essentially the same procedure as the custom made wedding dress process. Or you can read in detail in our previous blog post how to order custom bridesmaid dresses with us. Click here to read more.

We can offer bride and bridesmaid dresses packaged deals so this is great to save a few hundred dollars! Enquire with us on what options we have available to suit your specific needs.

Get in contact with us to start the process of designing your dream wedding dress!

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