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Got a school ball coming up? Want to look smashing and stand out from the crowd? Your best bet is a custom made ball dress. With a custom made ball dress you can be assured that you will be the only one wearing that special dress because it is a design and style that you picked and have it made and not off the rack in stores. Although some ball dresses stores have ball dress registrars that note down which dress is purchased from which schools to ensure that the same dress doesn’t get sold to the same school at a particular time, it is still not quite as special as having a “one off” kind of ball dress that is unique and exclusive to you.

We had a customer, Kate, who had been searching online for her school ball dress but found that no Australian ball dress boutiques stocked that particular style. Overseas online retailers had availability of the dress but it was much pricier than what the customer had in mind for a budget. The dress the customer wanted was priced in USD and when taking in account that the price had to be converted to AUD and then include shipping costs, the dress came to a total of over $850 AUD.

Kate came to us hoping we could help her which we were certainly most able to. After we showed her a sample fabric swatch of what her two piece custom made ball dress would be made from and providing her with a quote, she was delighted with the material and the price, being several hundred dollars less than the various prices she saw online for the two piece ball dress she wanted.

The Original Dress:

This is the original Sherri Hill two piece ball dress that Kate wanted for her school ball.

custom made ball dresses Perth

Custom Order Specifications:

custom made ball gowns Perth

The original dress style that Kate wanted was a Sherri Hill two piece design featuring a cropped jewelled top with a flowing satin skirt with thigh leg split. Kate opted to have the exact same cobalt blue with her custom ball dress.

Kate wanted to make a few design adjustments as we have indicated in the black and white image including;

  • A sweetheart neckline: Kate loved the sweetheart neckline and she wanted to have this neckline with her custom made ball dress rather than the original style of a high neck halter top.
  • Sheer mesh illusion above the sweetheart neckline: Kate was pondering about having the sheer illusion neckline in a blue shade matching that to cobalt blue as well as having jewels on the mesh area. We offered her the option of having a nude mesh or the cobalt blue. Kate decided to go with the nude mesh. We advised against having jewels on mesh as the sweetheart part of the top would already be fully embellished with jewels. If the mesh part was adorned with additional jewels it would take away the feature from the top.
  • Embellished “choker” neck: The choker height was changed to be smaller to give full feature effect to the lower part of the jewelled encrusted crop top.
  • Skirt to have no train: Kate wanted the skirt to be simplistic and remove the train to allow for ease of movement, which we can easily accommodate.

The Custom Made Version

Here are a few photos of the completed dress with the details and adjustments to the original design as per Kate's request.

custom made ball gowns Perth Australia

Close Up Details Of The Crop Top

custom made 2 piece prom dress

The entire area of the crop top hand sewn with light diffusing silver and dark blue jewel beads.

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custom made ball dresses Perth Australia

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These pictures do Kate’s custom two piece ball dress no justice! These pictures show the detailing of Kate’s top which features a combination of silver and dark blue jewelled beads which each were all hand sewn individually on by our seamstress. The beautiful jewel beads have an iridescent sparkle in both artificial and natural sunlight, making it a perfect for formal functions at night for that shimmer and shine. This beautiful custom made dress was made according to Kate’s specific requests with the detailing as well as her measurements for her school ball and is guaranteed that no one else will have the exact same ball dress as her, the great thing about a custom made gown!

Love this two piece custom made ball dress and want to get your version made? We can help you! Whether you want this two piece dress made like the original style or Kate’s style or perhaps add your own design adjustments, that’s no problems at all. We can offer this custom made dress in many different colours. Whether you want to get this two piece ball dress made or another style, we can certainly help you make a dress that will make you stand out at your school ball! For more information on how the custom made ball dresses process works, click here.

Get in touch with us if you have any custom made dress inquiries or questions.


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