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Looking for bridesmaid dresses? Or perhaps considering getting your bridesmaid dresses custom made? If so, get in contact with us today to discuss your options. We’re taking bookings and orders now for custom made bridesmaid dresses with cut-off date the end of this month. Our booking schedule is fast filling up with orders so don’t delay!

We often get asked why bookings and confirmation need to be made weeks and sometimes months in advance for bridesmaid orders? The reason is because there is a lot of planning of and sourcing the raw materials of the bridesmaid dresses such as fabrics, linings, beading and any other embellishments or embroidery details required for the dress.

There’s so much more involvement in the dress than what meets the eye with the custom made dresses.

  • Fabrics and all the other raw materials are sourced from overseas so therefore, there are shipping times to get them over to Perth, Australia.
  • Once they get here, we need to start on sorting and separating all the materials and prepare them for the basic dress shape to start the dress making process.
  • The next step after the (bridesmaid) dress has been made, the beading, embellishments and any embroidery is then hand sewn onto the dress.
  • This is the most detailed and longest process in the entire dress making process. Beading and/or sequins are mapped out and pinned on the dress, then sewn on.
  • This is what makes an Envious Fashions bridesmaid gown special and unique. It is made with painstaking care, diligence and effort. For the prices which we charge for custom made bridesmaid dresses, it is a very fair price for the amount of work and labour that goes into each gown. 

Our lead time in getting custom bridesmaid dresses made depends on how many bridesmaid gowns are ordered and being made. From past experiences, many of our brides have between 3 to 6 bridesmaids, so they require that many bridesmaid dresses accordingly. For this number of dresses, it would take between 1-3 months depending on what time of the year the order is placed. Many weddings in Perth are in the warmer months from October to April, so this is generally a busy time for us if we have custom orders in the system.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, sometimes the bride isn’t sure what style to choose to suit her bridesmaids. This sometimes becomes a “problem” when there are several bridesmaids and they may each have different body shapes and sizes.  Having dealt with many situations like this before, we suggest opting for a formal dress style that is universally flattering such as this Arianastyles below.

This beautiful gown is flattering to all shapes and sizes whether the bridesmaid is petite or plus size.

  • The thicker style straps makes it suitable for petite bridesmaids (who may have a smaller chest) as it allows to “hold up” if she opts to wear a strapless push up bra or adhesive stick on bra underneath.
  • The thicker straps are suitable for plus size or with a bigger bust bridesmaid that enables support of wearing a bra underneath.
  • The pleated bust creates a beautifully flattering illusion of a perky and alluring bust line.
  • The pleating on the bodice combined with the side ruching hides any bumps and lumps in the mid-section and draws the eyes downwards as the ruching is designed to do.
  • The soft flowing skirt of the evening gown makes it flattering on all body shapes and sizes and creates a feminine and elegant look.

custom made bridesmaid dresses Perth

If you are considering getting your bridesmaid dresses custom made, get in contact with us to discuss your styles and requirements. Of course if you like any of our formal dresses and would like them to be made as bridesmaid’s dresses, we can help you! As it is custom made dresses, if there are certain details which you wish to add or take out, you’re more than welcome to discuss this with us and we can accommodate.

In in touch with us now for cheap custom made bridesmaid dresses, Perth Australia.

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