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Strapless (also known as tube) evening dresses and gowns are one of the most frequently designed and made necklines with evening dresses, formal gowns as well as wedding dresses. Different styles come and go but the strapless remains as one of the most popular necklines and after a stint of more "trendier modern" necklines, the strapless remains a classic style and making a comeback. Strapless neckline evening dresses are romantic and timelessly elegant but it's not a neckline that suits everyone.

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Follow the below guide for the strapless neckline;

Strapless neckline gowns suits:

  • If you have a long neck
  • Great for accentuating the decolletage/collarbone area so the strapless style is great if you have a slim upper body
  • If you have toned arms with good slim shoulders
  • If you have a medium bust
  • Women who are thin and have wider shoulders with a smaller bustline suit this look the most

Strapless neckline gowns should be avoided if;

  • You  have a heavier upper body with full arms to avoid the overhang of unslightly bulges
  • You have square or broad shoulders
  • You have a short neck
  • You have a large bust which may spill over on the sides and will not be able to offer you the support as needed
  • You are quite flat chested as the straight strapless neckline will add a flat look and do no favours to add any curves

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