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Many brides these days are searching for their dream wedding dress via alternative avenues rather than the traditional bridal stores for many different reasons; too expensive in store, doesn’t stock their size (i.e petite or plus sizes), doesn’t have the wedding dress style they want etc. Brides purchasing their wedding gowns online is now quite popular thanks to the world wide web allowing bride-to-be’s to shop for wedding dresses not only from their country but from around the world. This of course opens up many options and choices for brides in terms of price, designs and even custom made services.

With ordering online wedding dresses, many of these online retailers will require your measurements to check your size measurement against the dress measurements. If you opt for a custom made wedding dress you will certainly need to provide your body measurements for your dress to be made to fit you.

Check our guide below on how to measure yourself to get the body measurements for ordering your wedding dress online.

How To Measure Yourself

A few starting notes;

  • Do not measure over other clothing as this will distort the measurements
  • Measure with underwear or undergarments that you intend to with your wedding dress
  • Ensure that the measuring tape is pulled evenly across the body and areas of measuring with no slack

how to measure yourself wedding dresses online


It is suggested you get some assistance from a family member or friend to help you take your measurements to ensure that each area of measurement is measured accurately to ensure your custom made wedding dress is made to the right measurement specifications, saving you on alteration costs.

If you order custom made wedding dresses (or any other formal dresses or bridal dress) we will take care of all the measurement for you in store. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.

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