Monday 1st May, 2017

Envious Fashions: Custom Made Formal Dresses & Bridal Gowns Perth

When it comes to a special occasion we all want to look our very best in a gown that is gorgeously unique and affordable but sometimes it can be quite hard to find both online and in a storefront. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, you’ve come to the right place in getting that beautiful, head turning and wow gown for your special occasion.

Who are we?

Envious Fashions is a local Perth business specializing in all custom made dresses such as formal and evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal/wedding gowns. We are one of the few small businesses in Perth that offer custom made gowns, made locally in house, amazing fabric quality at very reasonable prices. We started off as a fast fashion women’s fashion store in late 2011 but found after a couple of years there was no shortage of new and emerging fast fashion brands and companies. There was however a gap in the market for beautiful, unique and affordable formal dresses, gowns and bridal wear, especially when it came to custom made dresses and gowns. So we decided to move forward as a special occasion wear and formal custom made boutique.

What kind of custom made dresses do we do?

We specialize in formal wear, special occasion, bridesmaid dresses and bridal custom made gowns. We have different seamstresses who are proficient with different dress styles and types. Our seamstresses have over 15-25 years’ experience in custom made styles so your dress is in good hands!

formal dresses custom made Perth Envious Fashions

Custom made formal dresses, evening gowns, bridesmaid dresses

How long would it take for a custom dress to be made?

The lead time to make your custom made dress varies depending on many factors such as;

  • The intricacy of the dress style you require. If there is a lot of detailed work, beading, embellishments and appliques layering then obviously this would take longer as all our work is done by hand.
  • The time it takes to source the materials of your custom made dress. For example; if you’re wanting certain beading types, jewels, pearls and fabrics such as specific lace designs, we would need a bit of extra time to source this for you.
  • Our current bookings and production schedules so this depends on season and how busy our work production is.

Generally speaking, a simple gown would take between 30-40 days (approximately 1-1.5 months) to complete, a gown that is moderately detailed takes between 50-65 days (approximately 1.5-2.5 months) and a very detailed or heavily beaded gown is estimated for a 3.5-4 month completion date. We can determine the estimated lead time it will take to complete your custom gown when you show us a picture of the dress you would like made (even before we meet for an appointment). If you do decide to go ahead and make a first appointment with us for measurements and confirming your custom formal dress details, we can advise you of exactly how long it will take.

Custom made wedding dresses require a lead time of at least 3 months from the date of order to be finished. 

How much does it cost for a custom made gown?

We do not have a “set” price for custom made dresses because each dress is different and being custom, customers want very specific details and requirements so the cost will reflect the amount of work involved accordingly. We can provide a quote for you when you send us a picture/photo of the dress you would like custom made. If you’d like a few changes to the dress, that’s no problems and we can discuss this in further detail.

Generally, a simple style chiffon or polyester spandex material custom made long evening/formal dress with minimal beading starts around $265. These formal dresses are a very popular choice for bridesmaid dresses.

For custom made wedding dresses, prices start from $399.00 for a simple style and will vary depending on the complexity and detailing of the dress material and embellishments. We do pride ourselves in offering very affordable and reasonable custom made wedding dress prices. We can accommodate for different budgets but commonly, our custom design wedding dresses are priced below $1,300! Now this is an absolute bargain price for a custom and handmade wedding gown.

custom made wedding gowns Perth Envious Fashions

If I bring in a picture of a dress, can you replicate it exactly like it?

It really depends on the style of the dress. In many instances we can make the custom dress to 95% of the original style design however if the original dress is very intricate with patterns, material, lace, beading and embellishments, we can’t guarantee that it will be one for one of the original. The reason being every seamstress and dressmaker is very unique with their talent and abilities and to make it exactly the same as the original is a very difficult feat; however we can likely get close design wise.

Can I make changes to my custom dress? What if I change my mind?

We welcome and encourage you to go through different dress styles, pick out the features that you like and discuss with us how to merge all these featured elements together. You are free to make as many revisions to your custom made gown details prior to signing the confirmation custom order form as your agreement and acknowledgement that all the design details, specifications and instructions are correct. After this, you will not be able to make any amendments to the style, colour or details of your custom made dress as we have started the dressmaking process of your custom gown.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you a refund, exchange or credit for your custom made dress if you simply change your mind.

Will I have fittings in between the dressmaking process?

We do not currently offer fittings in between the dressmaking process. We will make your custom made dress according to the details and specifications as outlined in our discussions at the appointment.

What if I require alterations when I receive my custom made dress?

Most of the time, our customers find that their custom made dress fits them perfectly however in the event that you need a bit of alteration such as the length of the dress taken up, the side of the dress taken in a little or extended a bit, we have in house tailors that are able to make the alterations as required (small additional charges apply).  As the custom made dress process takes several months, some people either lose or gain a bit of weight but our custom made dresses are specifically made to accommodate these body changes and allows for easier alterations.

If you’d like to discuss about your custom made formal dress, bridesmaid dresses or a wedding gown, please get in touch with us here. We look forward to hearing from you and work together to create your beautiful custom made dress!

Formal dresses & bridal gowns Perth Australia


Monday 24th April, 2017

After many months in the works of preparation, we are delighted to release our NEW 2017 collection of formal dresses and evening gowns at Envious Fashions! For this collection we were inspired by the power of simplicity and decided the concept designs of the dresses would be based around timeless elegance, sophistication, chic sexy and versatility.

long evening formal dresses envious fashions 2017

We spent many months gathering inspiration, envisioning, sketching and prototyping the designs for this year’s collection. After analysing and deliberation of the final styles, we made the decision that it will be a relatively small collection with a total of eleven designs and offered in a couple of colours per design. The design number is a noteworthy difference to our 2016 collection where we had a total of forty two different dresses designs however we only offered in one colour per design.

Did you know all of the Envious Fashion evening dresses and gowns are 100% handmade? Every aspect of the dress from the pattern cutting, to the sewing, to the beading and embellishments on the gown, each dress is individually made to perfection by our very skilled in house seamstresses.  

The Formal Dresses Inspiration

Whilst our focus was simplicity, we want to draw emphasis on the fact that simplicity needn’t need to be boring, especially when it comes to evening gowns. The gowns in our 2017 formal evening dresses collection are minimalistic in design but give emphasis to highlighting the female silhouette as the focal point. This collection features body hugging and form fitting style formal gowns, just the right amount of tightness whilst remaining comfortable to move around in. We are aware that many women avoid fitted styles because they feel this style of evening gown bring too much attention to their “wobbly bits” meaning they didn’t want the fitted area to be around their mid-section. We appreciate that women come in all different shapes and size and don’t want any woman to miss out on a stunning gown because they feel this way. That is why with Envious Fashion’s 2017 collection we have carefully picked out a beautiful fabric this comprising of polyester and spandex. This fabric is a mid-weight (not too stiff and heavy) fabric was chosen because of its body contouring and flattering properties. We have the perfect ratio of the two fabric composition that (1) flatters your body shape by hiding any imperfections (2) Highlights your favourable body curves (3) is stretchable and ultra-comfortable to wear. Doesn’t that just sound like the perfect dress? It really is!

The Formal Gowns Styles

With this collection we spotlighted off the shoulder styles as this is just an absolutely stunning style that is timelessly chic, sophisticated, sexy and oh so feminine. Have you ever worn an off the shoulder dress? Or an off shoulder top? Whatever it is, we’re sure you felt very feminine and pretty! This is a style that not only suits all body shapes, whether you’re petite, standard or plus size, an off the shoulder dress really does look amazing on.

With fitted style evening dresses, a mermaid style really sets off a glam chic look. We have incorporated the mermaid style dress with our 2017 collection and when combining all the individual elements of a gown concept together, the creation of an Envious Fashions evening gown comes to life.

Availability, Size & Colours

All the formal dresses and gowns in our new 2017 collection are now available on our website, here, to order. We have very limited sizing and quantities so be sure to be quick to one of our amazing evening gowns for your next formal occasion.

We also offer custom made service for all of the evening dresses in our collection. This means if you love one of our gowns and want it made in a specific colour and/or size, we can do this for you. Our evening gowns are also very popular for bridesmaids so if you’d like to get your bridesmaid dresses in one of our designs, we welcome you to contact us. As with or custom made service, you can make minor adjustments to the dress designs such as adding straps to the dress if it is a strapless design, change the width of the straps, change the straps style and adding more beading or embellishments to the dress. If there is something else you would like to include or exclude from the dress, just let us know and we can discuss in further details with you.

Our 2017 formal dresses collection features a range of highly popular and timelessly loved colours such as cobalt blue, navy and teal. Of course we have other colours in our collection but these colour hues prove to be popular no matter what style or dress design. It’s not surprising as these colours are universally flattering on all skin tones and colours. In case you missed it, check out our previous blog posts on universally colours for evening dresses here.

If you have any questions, would like to order, want to inquire about a custom made gown, please get in touch with us via email or call us.

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Monday 10th April, 2017

Looking for a ball dress shop in Perth, Western Australia that values uniqueness, quality and affordability? We are Envious Fashions. We specialize in both ready to wear and custom made ball dresses, evening gowns, prom dresses, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses

About Envious Fashions

Envious Fashions started out as an online fashion boutique in 2012 stocking women’s fashion clothing, jewellery and accessories. While we loved this, we found that the market was being flooded with so many other online (and) fashion boutiques. We’ve always strived to be different from other retailers and offer our customers fashion that is unique and different to the mainstream. So we decided to take a side step and take Envious Fashions into a new direction and in 2014 we introduced our first in house designed and made collection of ball dresses and evening gowns. This first collection was very humble and only a very small line as it was a very new market for us.  As a small business, we don’t have all the resources in the world like the bigger corporate brands so we needed to start off small, learn and understand our customers’ wants and needs with ball dresses and gowns.

This first collection’s style’s theme was simplicity and feminine.  The gowns were all long evening dress styles made of soft, flowy chiffon material with sweetheart necklines. Some styles had no beading or embellishments while other dresses had minimal beading to add a bit of bling. The overall look was like a floating goddess. Our first collection of evening and formal dresses was well received by girls looking for that simple and gorgeous ball dress. Our dresses were also popular for formal and black tie events.

ball dress shops perth australia

Since then, Envious Fashions have continued to release a new collection of ball gowns and dresses every year since our first collection. Our dresses have evolved with style, materials and craftsmanship. We aim to incorporate different styles to suit different tastes and likes.

So what makes an Envious Fashions evening gown different to that from all the others?

Each gown is specially designed in house and we only make one in each dress design. This means that formal dress will be unique to you; no one else will have the exact same dress as the one you buy from us. We can guarantee it. That takes out the stress of purchasing a dress and end up worrying if another girl will wear that same dress to your school ball or special party function.

We work with our creative designers to come up with a beautiful collection of evening and formal gowns. The designs are sketched and then we source the materials such as fabrics, lining, beading, jewels and embellishments for each individual evening gown. Our highly skilled and experienced seamstresses/dressmakers then take on the duty of brining to life each sketched ball dress into reality.

Each evening dress is made with precision and to the highest quality of craftsmanship. We want to ensure there is a level of personalization and specialness to each of our evening dresses rather than mass production. We are one of the very few formal dress shops in Perth that design and make all of our ball dresses and gowns. What’s more, we also want to ensure our formal dresses are very reasonably priced and affordable. Combining the vision of a beautifully unique formal gown, designed and made in house, to the highest workmanship and being affordable, we think an Envious Fashions dress will make you look and feel gorgeous. This is what sets us apart from other ball dress shops in Perth and even online.

What other products and services do you offer?

(1) Ready to wear, long evening dresses

As we detailed above, all our ball dresses and formal gowns are designed and handmade by Envious Fashions. We only make one in each design and once sold; we don’t restock or make the same style again. That is, unless you request a custom made order to that dress then we most certainly can make that same style for you (more on this later). Each ball dresses/formal dresses collection is a little bit different from one another. The reason for this is our ideals and inspiration change thereby, our collection reflects this. You can purchase these evening dresses in store at our North Perth shop or online.

 (2) Pre-order formal and prom dresses

Being a small business we can't carry a lot of stock due to the high overhead and operating costs to do so. We also understand that there are many different styles, tastes and preferences from different customers but it would be merely impossible to carry that much variety at this stage.

So that's why we have the pre-order system for ball dresses, evening gowns, formal dresses and prom dresses. In other words, we have in stock evening dresses which are the gowns in our Envious Fashions collections and the pre-order formal dresses which we do not have in stock but order in as per customer's order. All of the pre-order formal dresses are listed on our website, with all the product information such as material, size and colours available for each of the individual dress styles. These pre-order formal gowns are located at our business partner/supplier's showroom in Los Angeles, USA. It will take between 5-10 working days for your dress to arrive from the US. If you require the dress sooner than the specified timeframe, then of course there are other shipping options.

This pre-order evening/formal dresses system allows us to offer customers a much broader variety of styles and designs; from classic and timeless style formal dresses to current trend designs. Also, we can also cater to different needs such as petites, standard and plus sizes (XS-4XL).

school ball dress shops perth australia

(3) Custom and made to measure service

At Envious Fashions, we also take pride in our custom made dresses services. Sometimes you just don’t want to go with what everyone is wearing, or shop at ball dress boutiques that offer styles that everyone can buy too. You want to be stand out, make a statement, and leave a lasting impression, look and feel your absolute best. A custom made evening gown or ball dress is the solution for you.

Generally, customers wanting a custom made dress come to us with a dress style in mind but due to common reasons such as;

(1) They can't find that particular dress style available at other ball dress shops or formal dresses boutiques

(2) The prices quoted are too expensive

(3) The customer is hesitant about ordering a custom made dress online

All our custom made ball dresses and formal evening gowns are made to order, to your specific instructions/requirements and size. It’s a relatively straight forward and quick ordering process with custom made dresses with us.

What we require from you is a picture of the dress style you like so we have a good idea of what you’re after. We can use this style as the base in making your custom made dress. As it is a custom dress, we can adjust the details such as adding more or reducing the amount of sequins, beading or embellishments as you like. We can also change the neckline or the top composition of your custom dress. For example, some customers bring in a photo of their dream dress but want to make changes such as adding sleeves to a strapless dress or change the sleeve style from strappy to off the shoulder. That’s no problems.

Or another way we can help you make your custom made ball dress/formal gown is the “mix and match” method which means you combine different elements of different dresses to the design of your custom made dress. For example, you bring in three different photos of dresses that you like. In dress A; you like the overall dress silhouette. In dress B; you like the neckline of the dress. In dress C; you like the style of the beading on the dress. So with your custom evening gown, it will be combining the dress shape, neckline and embellishment style. Of course, you like most of the original dress you picked but just want to make some minor adjustments or additions, which is absolutely fine. We will of course also offer you the option of having your custom dress made in the colour of your choice.

If you’re not sure what kind of ball dress you want, we’re available to provide free consultation on which type of dress would suit your body shape and overall look. We can advise further on materials and dress details to suit your style, body and budget.

Once you’re happy with all your custom dress’s details, we book your custom made dress into our production schedule to have it made. The time it takes to get your custom made ball dress ready will depend on a couple of things such as;

  1. How simple/elaborate your custom gown is. For example, a simple dress with minimal or no beading or embellishments will take approximately 30 days. A moderately detailed dress will take between 35-45 days and an elaborate dress with intricate design and embellishments will take up to 45-60 days. As the custom gown is made by hand, it is time intensive, so therefore the simplicity of intricacy of the dress determines the lead time to complete the dress.
  2. The time of the year you order your custom dress. There are certain times of the year when it may take longer to get your custom ball/formal/prom dress made due to the demand of customer orders. Generally the peak time for custom made dresses is between December to the start of February. Many balls are held around the start of the year and custom orders fill up during these times. Other custom made dress types (i.e custom bridesmaid dresses) also fill our production calendar.

For custom made dresses, we would recommend getting in touch with us at least 3-4 months in advance to book in for your custom made ball dress to get made. This will ensure we have time to discuss the dress details with you, budget (if required), source the materials for your custom made dress and have our seamstresses make your ball gown. What’s more, it will give you time to make any alteration to the dress if you require.

(4) Clothing alteration service

Envious Fashions have in house clothing tailors with over 30 years of experience. Whether you need your ball dress’s length taken up or your ball gown altered to fit you perfectly, our qualified tailors can do the job with a quick turnaround time and very affordable. Depending on the scope of the alteration job it will determine how long it will take to get the alterations completed. If it is just taking up the hem of your ball dress then generally it will take between 5-10 working days.

For ball dresses to be taken in or taken out to fit you, it depends on if your ball dress has beading and embellishments on the sides of the dress. If so, this will be quite time intense as your ball dress will be needed to be taken apart, altered and then the beadings to be stitched back. This may take between 10-14 days. However if it is a simple gown then the timeframe will be between 5-10 days. Please note these timeframes are only estimates and may change according to our tailor’s workload.

We hope we have given you a good insight on what Envious Fashions can offer when you’re looking for ball dress shops in Perth. We are a small local business but our main focus is our customers. We make every effort to look after our customers on a one on one basis and provide personalized service.

If you’re looking for something in particular or have any questions or queries about ball dresses, feel free to get in contact to us via email or phone and we’d be happy to help! Click here for our contact details.

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Monday 3rd April, 2017

Ok, so the man of your dreams has popped the question, you said YES! You’ve admired your engagement ring for the millionth time from every angle and shared the wonderful news with all your loved ones. You’ve envisioned your perfect wedding dress and now on the lookout for it. You have in mind who your bridesmaids and maid of honour will be, you’ve asked them and they are stoked to be taking on the duties on your special day. Now it’s time to consider bridesmaid dresses for your special ladies.

- What style?

- What colour?

- What style?

- What colour?

- What material?

- What design to suit all your bridesmaids?

- Will you have one style or different bridesmaid dress styles?

- Budget allowable per bridesmaid dress?

- A classic bridesmaid dress style or something modern?

With so many things to consider and many brides typically having 3-6 bridesmaids, choosing a style to suit each bridesmaid’s body shape whilst also ensuring that all the girls are happy with the style can be a bit of an overwhelming task!

If you’re in doubt, we suggest opting for a timeless bridesmaid dress like that Paris Hilton (maid of honour) wore to her sister, Nicky Hilton’s wedding. The bridesmaid dress was a beautiful pale blue custom made chiffon formal gown by designer Dennis Basso. The simplicity of this dress is what makes it so stunning and elegant. The pale blue is also amazing. This bridesmaid dress is a truly timeless and classic gown that looks amazing on any body shape or size. This chiffon long dress is a fantastic choice if you have bridesmaids of different body types and the dilemma of choosing the right bridesmaid dresses for them. So whether you have a mix of petite, standard or plus size bridesmaids, this gorgeous light blue bridesmaid dress will suit and flatter them perfectly. The chiffon material emits a beautifully soft and feminine look with the pleated bust, gathered waistline and then flows beautifully to a floor length dress.  Not only is this bridesmaid dress beautiful but it will also be ultra-comfortable for your bridesmaids to move around in freely. Whilst Paris Hilton’s light blue chiffon dress most likely comes with a very hefty price tag; most likely to be in the thousands of dollars range we can make this exact bridesmaid dress at a very affordable price for you.

paris hilton bridesmaid dress

Paris Hilton custom made bridesmaid dress

Paris Hilton bridesmaid dress custom made replica

Paris Hilton's gorgeous light blue bridesmaid dress with strapless sweetheart neckline, pleated bust in chiffon in a long floaty style


Below are some information about getting a custom made bridesmaid dress with us.

Custom made bridesmaid dresses

Based on the design of Paris Hilton’s long chiffon dress;

  • The cost to custom make this dress is $280.00 each and made to each of your bridesmaid’s individual measurements.
  • All the bridesmaid gowns are 100% handmade.
  • Material will be made from 100% luxurious chiffon with satin lining.
  • You can opt to have the same style for all your bridesmaids or you can choose to have slightly varying styles for each bridesmaid. For example; if you choose the latter option of having different styles in terms of having a strapless style, a one shoulder style, a strappy style, an off the shoulder style. You can choose to mix and match different styles to suit each bridesmaid.
  • You can choose custom colours for your bridesmaid dresses. Again, we offer the option of getting the custom bridesmaid dresses in one colour for all of your bridesmaids or you can stay with the same style but have different colours either following a colour scheme (i.e pastel).
  • The production lead time to make the bridesmaid dresses are typically between 30-60 days, however this timeframe may vary slightly depending on how many dresses you order.

The custom made bridesmaid dress process

The process in getting a custom made bridesmaid dress with us is very simple. We try to simplify and make this process as easy and seamless as possible for you as we know as a bride, there are a never ending list of things to do and think about!

  1. Send us photos of the bridesmaid dresses you are looking at to get custom made. We suggest you get in contact with us at least 3 months in advance if you’d like a custom bridesmaid gown booked in. This allows us adequate time to book your order in our system, meet with you to discuss the preliminary details, source materials and get it organized and made by our dressmakers.
  1. After our initial contact you’ll most likely want an estimated price for the bridesmaid dresses. We do not have a “standard price” or set price for custom bridesmaid gowns. The price is determined on the amount of work that is required in making the dress so therefore depending on how simple or elaborate the dress is, the priced charged will reflect this. For example, if you want a minimalist dress like Paris Hilton’s light blue bridesmaid dress the cost is $280.00 which includes the waist embellished with clear crystal beading. The beaded waist belt on Paris’s dress is a separate accessory which was worn with the dress. We can make the dress for you with the waist embellishment being sewn on with the beading or as a separate waist belt at no extra cost. If you want to have the waist embellishment to be thicker in size there will be a small additional charge for the extra labour time (additional cost will depend on how much thicker or bigger you may want the belt). So when a decision has been made as to the specific details of the beading and embellishments, we will be able to give you an accurate quote on the total cost of the bridesmaid dress.
  1. If you’re happy to go ahead with the custom bridesmaid dresses order, we’d schedule a time for you to come into our shop in North Perth to take your bridesmaid’s measurements. This appointment takes about between 30-40 minutes to go over the bridesmaid dress details again and take the measurements of each bridesmaid. We will also show you our colour chart to choose for your bridesmaid dresses. You will be advised about the production lead time as to when the custom bridesmaid dresses will be completed.
  1. For custom made dresses, our policy is that we require a 50% deposit of the total price. This deposit secures your booking so we can start the process of making your custom dresses and this can be paid in advance prior to your bridesmaid’s fitting appointment or on the day of the appointment.
  1. Once we receive your deposit we will finalize all bridesmaid’s dress specifications and details and send you a copy of the custom order form. From here, you just leave the dresses all to us and we will be in contact with you again at the completion of your custom bridesmaid dresses.

We have had many brides say that they are hesitant in ordering bridesmaid dresses online because they’ve heard and read bad reviews. We know the online has its merits but the traditional method of speaking to and visiting a store is still favoured by many brides.

As a small business we aren’t able to compete on the rock bottom low prices $99-$150 that online Chinese manufacturers offer for custom made bridesmaid dresses but we pride ourselves on providing quality personalized service in terms of customer support and of course the custom dresses ordered. All our custom made dresses are 100% handmade from the pattern cutting to the final applications of sequins, embellishments and any detailing on the custom gown. 

Each individual dress that are in our in stock formal evening gowns range are entirely handmade to perfection. For custom made bridesmaid dresses many brides choose styles from our Envious Fashions collection but custom the sizing and colours. If you love one of our evening gown styles and want to order it as custom made dresses for your bridesmaids then we’re more than happy to help you out. If you’d like to pick your own style that you saw from another source then we’re happy to go with that option and help you make “your” version of the bridesmaid dresses.

If you’d like a local Perth and reliable business to make custom made bridesmaid dresses please contact Envious Fashions and we’d be delighted to help you.

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Monday 27th March, 2017

every dress has a story custom made dresses

We love what we do here at Envious Fashions. Honestly, we do. We come across many different customers but sometimes we meet customers who totally knock us out of the park. In this particular case, it totally rocked our world with inspiration and admiration. In this blog post we’d like to share with you a customer story which we recently made a custom made ball dress for. We had no idea this ball gown had been arranged for by a young school girl’s aunty, of which the girl had been abandoned by both her parents in favour for a lifestyle of drugs. The aunty has since taken the girl in as her own and who knew such a decision has meant the two now enrich each other’s lives in so many ways.

In late November 2016 we received an email inquiry from a customer by the name of Steffy* wanting to know the costing to make a custom made ball dress. We received several styles to quote on and it seemed like it was just another customer that was shopping around.

A couple of the dress styles that were on the shortlist to be custom made;

custom made dresses perth envious fashions

The final decision….being “THE DRESS”

custom made ball gowns perth envious fashions

Steffy is a FIFO worker and she had arranged to get this custom made ball dress for her niece, Kaitlyn*. The thing about this custom order was that we arranged and communicated practically the entire process via email.

Our first impression of this ball dress when Steffy sent through the picture was “wow, a very extravagant but stunning ball gown.” We were a bit sceptical with this style initially as the skirt would require a very large hoop or petticoat for the dress to achieve the ball gown “poufy” effect. Typically we make a lot of formal dresses in A line, mermaid and flowy dress designs and this was our first custom made ball gown style dress. With all of our custom made dresses, we make every element from scratch so we had to devise a way to make the petticoat. We needed to ensure that it was made so that it could achieve the look whilst also being comfortable for the customer. Our initial hesitancy in making a Kaitlyn’s custom ball dress as big as the one in the picture is that it wouldn’t be feasible to be transported around in this dress style and also sitting down during the night. We agreed that the dress would be made as close as possible to the picture, taking in account comfort and practicality.

The custom dress was needed to be completed by March 10, 2017 which gave us adequate time to source the materials, arrange the dressmaking production and complete the custom ball dress.

Fast forward a couple of months and Kaitlyn’s custom ball gown was ready. We sent through a few photos of the dress to Steffy before the scheduled appointment to pick up the dress. Although Steffy was happy, the “puffiness” of the dress fell a little short of Steffy’s expectation and she was a little bit sceptical if her niece would love the end result of this custom made ball dress due to the fact that the organza skirt wasn’t as puffy as the picture. The thing that is unbeknown to many people is that depending on your body shape and height, the overall look of a dress can look different on from person to person. We assured that the ball dress modelled by our mannequin looks different because she is 175cm tall with a different body shape and when Kaitlyn wears it, it will look incredible.

custom made ball dresses perth

Steffy was on roster to work so she couldn’t be there Kaitlyn’s custom made ball dress fitting, however arranged for another guardian, Sunnye to attend in her place.

As Kaitlyn emerged from the change room, everyone in store gave a little gasp as to how gorgeous she looked. In our humble opinion, the ball gown looked even more flattering on Kaitlyn than the mannequin. Kaitlyn was curvier than the mannequin which made her body fill out the dress perfectly. She was also not as tall as the mannequin which in effect made the ball gown “sit” more bouffant than that on the mannequin which is how Steffy and Kaitlyn envisioned. She looked like a princess! Kaitlyn absolutely loved her custom made ball dress. The dress fit Kaitlyn was on point from every inch and we were amazed at how her ball gown suited her look and body so well.

She said she felt so pretty and princess like in her custom gown and it was exactly what she wanted. “At first when I saw the photos of the ball dress I was kind of sad as it didn’t look as puffy as the original style, but now that I see the dress in person and tried it on, I love it!!” said a beaming Kaitlyn . It truly is wonderful to see we can make a customer so happy to get the dress they want.

perth school ball dresses custom made gowns

“I was very hesitant and told her [Steffy] that she was crazy to get a custom ball dress made without any consultation and just working off a photo from the internet, but I still can’t believe you’ve done such an awesome job with the dress, it’s beautiful!” Sunnye commented.

Kaitlyn wanted the neck choker to be tighter so we got that arranged on the spot at our shop. Our experienced tailors managed to get that alteration done within 10 minutes. We had a very happy girl walk out of our shop with her amazing ball dress and that’s exactly what we strive for!

In the early evening of that same day, we received a text message from Steffy.

"Hey! Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough. I really can't. I cried in my truck at the photos I got sent! Every dress you make has a story and my little princess has a story that is truly shocking but inspiring. Her parents abandoned her and her two sisters for drugs. It got so out of control that police and the Department of Child Protection are involved. That little girl has seen things she shouldn't have to see and been through things no kid should have to. She hasn't ever just been a kid. So 2 years ago I took her in as my own, which would of being frightening considering she hadn't seen me since she was 6 and she barely knew who I was. This was a huge life change for her and me. I was 25 at the time and spending big every break because I had no worries and now I'm a mum to a teenager who is a massive stoner and never goes to school. Not only do I have to grow up but now I have to raise a child.

The school told me not to bother sending her to school and I said “no I will and you just watch her grow”. Guess what, she graduating with B grade! And I have grown up myself and bought a house thanks to her. She doesn't realise this, but she has made me a better person. I need her more then she knows it. I'm so proud of her.

That dress represents success, love, being proud and winning at life. That dress means more than anyone would know. I promised her I would give her the best life possible and give her everything she needs. That dress is her hard work and my love. And because of you, you made her dream dress a reality. So thank you! Thank you so damn much."

perth custom made ball dresses

perth ball dress dressmakers custom

This text message from Steffy really moved us. We were proud we made a ball gown that made a school girl very happy and a strong contender to win belle of the ball at her school ball but after knowing about the story behind this made us feel all the workmanship that went into Kaitlyn’s custom made ball dress has gone to a beautiful young girl that deserves the most stunning dress to wear, make memories and cherish at one of the biggest and happiest event of her life to date. From the outset Kaitlyn seemed like your typical schoolgirl, a bubbly and bright-eyed girl. We never could have guessed what she had been through and her early life. Sometimes things aren’t what it seems.

When you make a decision to have a child you’re also making the decision to be accountable for that child. You don’t abandon your obligation as a parent/s because you have “other plans”. Children shouldn’t have to sacrifice so that the parent can have the life that they want. The parent should make the sacrifice so the child can have the life that they deserve. Unfortunately not every parent steps up to their responsibilities and are too selfish to care. Steffy took it upon herself to embark on great responsibility for Kaitlyn but this act of empathy and love show Steffy’s selflessness and sacrifice of putting aside her carefree life to caring for an abandoned teenager. This marks Steffy’s journey into motherhood, whilst perhaps not the conventional definition of “motherhood” by birth but every bit in terms of responsibility, care and most of all, love.  “Motherhood is a choice you make every day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…”

This is a story of amazing selflessness, personal achievement and proof that the choices we make determine our subsequent steps and journey in life and that our decisions can also ultimately change another person’s life. This inspiring story of Steffy and Kaitlyn is a testament that through hope, strength and love can get us through the very darkest of times, change us for the better and bring us new rays of sunshine into our lives. Every custom made dress has a story and this story is one that we have garnered much inspiration from and we trust will contribute to lifetime memories for Kaitlyn and Steffy.

If you're considering getting a custom made ball dress or custom gown for any other occasion please see our custom made dresses page for more information or contact us.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of customer for privacy reasons.

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Monday 20th March, 2017

Red is one of those wow, sexy and “hot” colours. It is commonly associated with love and attention with many ladies choosing red evening dresses because of the colour’s vibrancy and bold statement it makes.

Red is one of the universally flattering colours that look fabulous on everyone. Red evening gowns are suitable for an array of formal and special events and it’s almost always head turning. Red comes in many different shades from bright fiery red to subdued darker hues. As there are so many shades of red, you have plenty of choice to choose from, but it’s best to pick the shade of red that is most suitable to your skin’s undertone.

red evening gowns

How to choose the best shade of red evening dresses

There are three types of skin undertones.

(1) Cool undertone: You have a cool tone if you have pink, red or bluish undertones in your skin. If this is you, pick red evening dresses in shades of maroon, burgundy or burnt orange red.

(2) Warm undertone: You have a warm tone if you have yellow, peach or golden undertone. These are earthy shades so if this is what is identified as your skin undertone, opt for red formal gowns in shades of ruby red, fiery (bright) red or rusty red.

(3) Neutral undertone: You have a mix of warm and cool undertones. If you have neutral undertone, you are so lucky! Why? Because you can wear any shade of red and will look fabulous.

If you’re still not sure which shade of red is right for you, another way to help identify the best red hue is to determine the right shade of red to flatter your body shape. For example; if you’re a smaller framed, petite female, vivid and bright red evening dresses will look great on you. If you’re curvy or plus sized, darker shades of red will work in your favour to give you a streamline and slimming silhouette. The darker shade will help to draw attention away and take the focus from your trouble areas.

How to accessorize a red evening dress

Red evening dresses make a bold statement in it’s own right so you don’t really need a lot of jewellery or accessories to complete your look. You can even get away with wearing no jewellery if you really wanted to. This gives your red gown the opportunity to speak for itself. However if you’re keen to accessorize, it’s best to keep it minimal and choose simplistic styled jewelleries and accessories. Gold, silver or black accessories work well with red evening dresses, either as a standalone item (i.e all gold, all silver or all black) or you can mix the colours. Bear in mind the colour combination to ensure the tones complement each other. Say, if you choose black accessories, then you can pair black with gold accessories or black and silver accessories but stay away from mixing gold and silver together as this cheapens the look immensely.

What colour shoes to wear with a red evening dress

  • The most common colour is black heels work with red evening dresses but because this is so common, the colour combination gets overdone
  • Nude heels look great with a red evening dress and the colour combination always works
  • You can opt to go red on red, meaning red dress + matching red shoes
  • Match your shoe colour with your jewellery or accessories. So if you accessorize with gold then picking a pair of gold shoes will complete the look nicely. The same rule applies to silver jewelleries or accessories pick silver shoes to match.

What colour evening clutch to go with red evening gowns?

Again, black, gold, silver, nude or red evening bags and clutches work well with a red evening dress. To get a complete coordinated look, you can match your clutch bag with the colour of your jewellery or accessories. A bronze coloured clutch will also look pretty amazing against a red gown so it’s a colour worth considering.

This wraps up our series of the universal flattering colours that looks great on everyone. If you've missed our previous blog series of the colours, here are the links to all the universal colours for the complete series.


cobalt blue evening dresses


emeral green evening gowns


magenta formal dresses


navy blue formal dresses


purple evening dress


teal evening gowns


stone coloured evening gowns

Red evening and formal dresses are one of our fastest and best-selling colour. There are so many different shades, depending on the type of fabrics of the dress. If you're thinking of getting a custom made dress in red, we can help you make that gorgeous and wow factor red evening gown for your next special/formal event.

Contact us via email or call us on 0431 273 522 to speak to us directly about your prom/ball dresses or formal dress requirements. We'd love to help you create and make your beautiful evening dress!

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Monday 13th March, 2017

This fabulous colour looks truly amazing on everyone. Stone evening dresses are a cross between beige and grey. Stone colour is a neutral shade and looks fabulous for formal and special occasions because of it’s elegance and sophistication. This colour is also highly versatile and looks great for every formal event. Another reason why this colour is so fantastic is the fact that it makes you look effortless glam. It’s like black…but on the lighter hue side.

stone colour evening dresses

Some tips to wearing stone coloured evening gowns;

  • There are many shades of stone coloured formal dresses so it comes down to your pick of the shade. If you have fair/light skin, a mid to dark coloured stone colour will look beautiful against your fairness.
  • If you have medium/olive skin colour, you pretty much have a wonderful choice of picking from lighter or darker shades of stone. Whether you choose to go light or dark coloured stone, it will compliment your skin tone perfectly.
  • For the ladies that have dark skin, lighter shades of stone will definitely contrast against your skin the most but mid to dark coloured stone will also look amazing against your skin colour.
  • One of the best fabrics/materials for a stone coloured formal dress is something that is soft, delicate and floaty. Chiffon materials work best with this colour as it carries the tone best in terms of being classically elegant and feminine.
  • Being a neutral tone, you can pick from lots of different jewellery and accessory colour combinations. Classic choices include gold or silver jewellery, depending on the shade of stone you pick. For example, for lighter coloured stone evening dresses, gold jewellery will look lovely with the colour combination. For mid to darker stone colours, gold compliments the dress nicely.
  • If you’re up for it, try a jewel tone jewellery item for the necklace, earrings or bracelet. The pop of colour will contrast and look striking against your stone coloured evening gown.
  • This is fabulous colour choice if you’re undecided as to whether you want to go for a lighter or darker tone with your evening dress.
  • This colour is versatile for so many occasions so you can switch out different jewellery and accessory items to accommodate for the special event.

If you’d like help in picking out a perfect stone coloured evening dress for your next special occasion, we can help you with that! We can custom make stone coloured evening dresses in a style that you want, made to your measurements and of course, all the trimmings and embellishments as you require. Drop us an email or phone us on 0431 273 522 to discuss your requirements.

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Monday 6th March, 2017

Ahh…teal evening dresses are just so magical, elegant and so timelessly beautiful. Teal is a jewel tone, being in between green and blue.  The colour is simply majestic and can really make a statement while being very versatile. There are also many shades of teal evening gowns and as a result, some people have said that it’s “impossible” to match shoes and accessories to their teal formal dress or know which shade is best suited to them.

teal evening dresses

Unbeknown to many, teal is a universally flattering colour! In our opinion, teal evening gowns are one of the most gorgeous colours and easily styled colours for women of any age, skin tone and body shape. Let’s explore a little further why this colour is just so amazing.

(1) Compliments any skin tone: This stunning jewel tone colour looks fabulous on all skin tones. For fair skinned women, a mid or dark teal will contrast against the light skin tone beautifully. Yellow and olive skinned ladies will look lovely against a light to mid tone teal and for the darker skinned ladies, a metallic or shimmery teal tone will be absolutely dazzling.

(2) Appropriate for young, middle and mature ages: The fabulous thing about teal evening gowns is that it doesn’t discriminate age groups! Whether it’s for a young lady, middle aged or mature aged woman, teals look lovely. The only thing to really consider is the style and cut of the evening gown to ensure it is the most flattering fit and style. For the younger ladies, the metallic and vibrant teals are often most flattering and the mid to darker teals are elegant and classy for the middle and mature age groups.

(3) Flattering colour on all body shapes: There are so many different tones of teal, there will be at least a few tones that you will love. As with all colours, the darker you go, the more it is concealing to certain areas or body parts. This is why darker hues are preferred for some people who want to cover “problem areas” and shift the focus to another area. For example, if you feel that you want to divert attention away from your mid-section, opt for a darker shade of teal with some pleating at the waist and in a dress style that is flowy to draw the eyes downwards that creates an elongated look.

The next thing we’ll explore is what colours compliment a teal formal dress. Many people are uncertain about what shoes, clutch, jewellery and accessories to pair with teal.

The answer? Almost all colours! Popular colours that are often paired with teal are gray/silver, gold and violet are fail proof options. Teal, being a jewel tone is best complimented by neutral colours, complimentary colours or other cool colours. If you’re still unsure as to what colours work best with teal, our tip is to refer to the colour wheel. The colours that are directly opposite to each other are referred to as complementary colours. Teal on the colour wheel sits opposite to red-orange which contrasts well against each other; therefore, the two colours compliment each other very well. Another way to determine a colour will work together is to identify the colours that are nearby on either side of teal on the colour wheel. These colours are called analogue colours. For example, teal works well with blue-green, blue, blue-violet and violet because these are all cool colours.

Further tips on wearing teal;

  • Bright colours such as shades of oranges, orange-reds look fabulous paired with teal
  • Greys and blacks work with teals; a fail proof option. This can either be a clutch, shoes, belt or any accessory to go with your teal evening gown
  • Try metallic jewellery to go with your teal evening dress. As teal is a jewel tone and cool colour, it works perfectly with golds, bronze and silver jewellery and accessories
  • Try mixing teal with teal. For example, if our formal dress is a dark teal, a lighter coloured teal piece of jewellery or accessory will contrast against your gown beautifully

Let us help you find your perfect teal evening dress for your next special occasion. Whether you want something off the rack or consider getting a custom design to stand out from the rest, perfectly fit your body and suit your style, we can make that happen for you!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and check out our colour charts for amazing teal colours that we can bring to life for you. Email or call us today and we’d be happy to help!

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