Monday 27th February, 2017

Purple is an amazing colour for evening dresses and gowns. The right shade of purple evening dress will exude a royal and classy look. There are many different shades of purple and finding the best shade to suit your skin tone will ensure you look your best in your chosen gown. However many ladies stay away from purple because they’re not sure which shade looks good on them or if they are able to pull off the colour correctly. Follow our tips below to finding the most suitable shade of purple evening dresses for you and how to style and accessorize with your dress.

purple evening dresses

  • If you are very pale, steer clear of pastel and light purples as this may make you appear washed out. Go for darker shades of purples, better yet, the darkest shade of purple that you are willing to pick and this will ensure your light skin will contrast nicely against darker shade of purple.
  • If you have medium or olive toned skin, brighter and vivid shades of purples will suit you well. Purples in shiny fabrics such as satin and shiny polyester will also enhance the purple hue and compliment against your skin tone.
  • For the dark skinned ladies, pastel or light purples look fabulous against your darker skin canvas. Like the medium and olive skinned ladies, you will also look fabulous in bright and vivid purple shades.
  • Depending on the shade of purple evening gown you pick, there are many different combinations of colours that compliment with the purple. For example, dark purples go well with black. Avoid pairing lilacs and lighter purples with black as this “cheapens” the look because of the harsh colour contrast.
  • Purple and gold is also a very flattering colour combination. You can go for a purple evening dress canvas and have gold accents on the dress to really make the purple pop. The most flattering way to combine these two colours together is to have minimal gold. You can achieve this by picking a purple evening gown with gold sequins, embellishments, beading or accessorize with gold jewellery and/or accessories.
  • Purple and blue go well together because purple is made from blue, hence complement each other nicely. Choosing a dress with these two colour combinations will exude a fun and fresh look that will make a chic statement.
  • Purple and yellow seems like a clashing colour combination but it can make for a stunning purple evening gown!  However, a word of caution is to pick the right shade of purple and yellow together to create a flattering look. For example, a deep or dark shade of purple will look sophisticated with accents or small sash or belt in a pastel or pale yellow.
  • One of the most flattering and universal purple shade is eggplant. This is considered the “perfect purple” and most versatile because it suits every skin tone.

eggplant formal dresses

Purple evening dresses are one of those colours that aren’t chosen as much for formal occasions as some may deem that it’s not elegant enough or the colour is too loud. Don’t be afraid to choose purple evening gowns. It’s just a matter of knowing which purple shade will best suit you and you will look ravishing from there! If you’d like to know more about purple and thinking of getting a purple formal dress for your next special occasion, talk to us and we can help you find or make you a custom beautiful purple formal gown for your next event. We can even help you decide on a style that flatters your body shape, pick out a purple shade to best suit you and make the dress to your measurements. Contact us today to find or make that purple evening dress especially for you!

eggplant purple evening gowns

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Monday 20th February, 2017

We know many ladies, of all ages and ethnic groups will agree that navy blue is a sleek, chic, elegant and super timeless colour. It’s a totally fail proof colour and looks amazing on in all styles of dresses and suitable for any occasion. That’s why navy blue evening gowns are one of our bestselling colours and also the most requested stocked colour for evening dresses.

navy blue evening dresses

There are a variety of shades in navy blue with a true navy blue being a very dark shade of blue, almost black. Did you know that the term “navy blue” originated from the colours of the uniforms the British naval officers wore?

Navy blue is one of the fashion neutral colours meaning that it can be worn and compliments any other colour. It’s a great base colour for mixing and matching with other colours, giving you plenty of options to style your look. The versatility of navy blue evening dresses combined with the fact that it is also a very slimming colour often makes it a go to colour for many ladies. Navy formal dresses are also less harsh than black so it’s a great colour choice for the ladies that feel black washes them out. Furthermore, navy gowns are the perfect choice when black is not deemed “appropriate” for some occasions or simply you just don’t want to go so dark with black evening dresses.

celebrity navy evening dresses

If you have a navy blue evening dress and wondering how to accessorizing with this colour, your choices are pretty much endless! You can add as much impact or keep it subtle when accessorizing with navy as the canvas to work off. If you’re going for a dramatic look, experiment with larger, chunky and/or coloured jewellery and accessories or a pair of statement coloured shoes and evening clutch. For example, try a jewelled tone pendant necklace with either matching earrings or bracelet to make your look really pop against the navy blue gown. If you prefer a timeless and chic look, opt for classic silver jewellery and accessories to go with your navy blue evening dress. A sparkly silver diamond jewellery set; necklace, earrings and/or bracelet will ensure your look is undeniably the epitome of elegance and classiness.

Navy blue evening gowns are one of our most popular and bestselling colours so if you’re looking for a navy blue formal dress for your next school ball, prom or special occasion, we can help you find something to perfectly suit you. We have a range of stunning off the rack navy blue dresses (available on pre-order) or you can order a specially made navy gown to suit your measurements. All you have to do is show us a photo of the dress style you want, we will discuss the details of the dress with you, take your measurements and we will do the rest from there. Get in contact with us today and we’d be glad to help you find or make your perfect navy blue evening gown! Check out our navy blue evening dresses and gowns in stock now below.

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Monday 13th February, 2017

The third colour to be featured in our universally flattering colours part series is the stunning magenta. Magenta evening dresses look amazing on every skin tone and colour. Magenta is a striking intense hue that is a combination of pink and purple and is a fantastic choice if you’re undecided about whether you want to go for team pink or team purple. Magenta is belong to the purple colour family and is a jewel tone that compliments gold jewellery and accessories perfectly.

magenta evening dresses

As magenta is a powerful colour, it is best to keep the design and style of the evening gown to a more simplistic design; consider a flattering silhouette with minimal beading and embellishments. Too many detailing creates an overwhelming look so it’s best to only have accents if you really want to include embellishments, this will allow for this magnificent colour to make maximum impact. However, if you’re going for absolute drama and eye catching then of course, include the detailing and embellishments. As mentioned earlier, gold jewellery and accessories go fabulously well with magenta evening gowns however keep as minimal as possible.

Take note from fellow celebrities such as Adriana Lima and Vanessa Hudgens with their gorgeous magenta gowns and note how their jewelleries and accessories are kept to a minimum, almost the “barely” there accessorizing style.

celebrity red carpet magenta evening dresses

Magenta looks amazing on soft cascading and floaty style formal and evening gowns made from chiffon. The chiffon fabric is soft and drapes beautifully to flow from the body to create a waterfall like look and effect. Evening dresses made in satin material also showcase and amplify magenta’s beautiful jewel tone.  The last piece of advice we’d like to share with you is to also consider your body shape when choosing the fabric type. If you’re petite, you can help accentuate your curves in a fitted styled evening dress; a mermaid style magenta evening gown in satin will look amazing. If you’re a curvier girl, a soft, floaty chiffon evening gown will help create a flattering silhouette.

Don’t be afraid to choose this fabulously feminine and trendy colour for your next formal evening gown. It’s a stunning colour that will flatter you and make quite a lot of heads turn!

magenta evening dresses online Australia

If you’re thinking of getting a special, custom made evening dress in magenta, contact us to discuss the details of the dress you have in mind and let us help you bring that dress to life! We can help you in picking a formal evening gown style that will best suit your figure, hide any flaws and highlight your best features. Get in touch with us today and we’d love to help you with your gorgeous custom made dress.

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Monday 6th February, 2017

Following on from our Part 1 of universally flattering colours featuring cobalt blue, part 2 follows on with another amazingly beautiful colour that is flattering for all skin tones; emerald green evening dresses.

emerald green evening dresses

Emerald green is one of the most refined, elegant and versatile hue in the colour wheel. It is a rich, vibrant and classy colour that suits any spectrum of skin tones; whether you’re pale, olive or dark skinned. Moreover, it will also suit any colour hair and eye colour. This makes the colour pretty amazing! This jewel tone not only universally suiting to skin, hair and eye colour but also looks great all year round, whatever season or weather. Emerald green evening gowns are highly sought after for almost all age groups because it just looks so pretty and sophisticated on whatever style of evening dress.

emerald green evening gowns

If you’re thinking about choosing an emerald green formal dress for your next special occasion, great choice! If you’re still deciding on a colour choice for your evening dress, this is a great colour to consider as it’s well, pretty much fail proof to looking totally incredible. Here are a few styling tips to wearing emerald green evening dresses;

  • This gorgeous hue truly is highlighted in fabrics such as chiffon and satin, creating a luxurious, royal and sophisticated look.
  • The rich vibrancy of emerald green can be perfectly combined with such colours as plums, purples, deep violets, wine reds and deep blues. So you can pick any of these colours for your jewellery, accessories or shoes to go with an emerald green gown.
  • Emerald green really is so versatile when it comes to accessorizing to complete the look. Gold and silver jewelleries (earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings) are a popular choice as it’s widely available and variety is abundance. Choosing a matching emerald shade to match your emerald gown also looks striking.
  • You can match the colour of your shoes to your choice of jewellery and accessory colours. So if you decide on gold jewelleries, you can opt for a dazzling pair of gold strappy heels to really set off the emerald green and gold colour combination. Beige nude shoes also compliment the emerald green shade.
  • Black shoes with your emerald green evening gown also work well to create an elegant look.

emerald green formal dresses perth

If you’re looking for a gorgeous emerald green evening dress for your next formal or special occasion, get in touch with us to see how we can help. We can custom make the dress to your size and measurements as well as colour choice. Emerald green is one of our most requested colours for custom made dresses as it looks fabulous in all styles of evening gowns and designs. Contact us via phone or email and we’d be happy to help!


Monday 30th January, 2017

Some people stay away from specific colours and some people have a preference for certain colours as they feel it suits their complexions better.

Did you know there are several colours that suit all skin tones? Once you know what these colours are, this will ensure no matter what clothing item you wear, you will always look fabulous. This will also make your shopping easier as you can look specifically for these colours.

The first universally flattering colour that suits all skin tones is cobalt blue.

cobalt evening gowns envious fashions

Cobalt blue is a very vivid and striking colour that speaks for itself in making a statement and is often a very popular colour for evening and formal dresses. Cobalt blue looks amazing on all styles of evening gowns and materials, particularly chiffon and satin as it brings out the true depths of this amazing colour. If you’re thinking about picking your next ball dress, evening gown or formal dress in a cobalt blue, here are a few styling tips to consider;

  • Go for neutral colours such as nude, black or vibrant neutrals such as gold or silver shoes with your cobalt blue evening dress.
  • Nude is one of the most paired shades to pair with cobalt blue as it perfectly compliments the cobalt blue hue. So you can opt for nude handbag or shoes.
  • Black is another suitable colour to pair with cobalt blue, emitting an elegant and classic look.

cobalt blue evening dresses Australia

You can read more about styling colours with cobalt blue here in our past blog post on how to wear cobalt blue.

In the meantime, here is some cobalt blue inspiration of how amazing the colour looks on evening gowns and why you should consider this colour to wear to your next special occasion.

cobalt blue evening gowns

Want to get a special dress made in cobalt blue? Have a particular dress style you want to make in this colour? No problems! Contact us and we can help you further. Now that we have it down that cobalt blue suits you, it’s a matter of finding the right dress style to best compliment your body shape and then you will have the perfect formal dress to making you look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

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Monday 23rd January, 2017

Shopping for the first time with us? Have a few questions? Read on below for our frequently asked questions. If your question is not in our FAQ below, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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Buy Formal Dresses Online

Q: How do I order online?

A: Select on the options available such as size and colour, and then add to cart. You can continue to shop or proceed to checkout. Once you’re ready to checkout, go to “checkout” tab in the top right hand corner of the webpage and follow the prompts to complete all your details of your order such as your name, delivery address etc.

Q: Can I order by phone?

A: Yes, of course! For Australian customers, the phone number is 0431 273 522 or international customers please call +614 31 273 522.

Q: What is fabric of your dresses made of?

A: Depending on the dress, the fabric varies. The fabric and composition of the evening dress is listed on the product page in the description. If you still require more information that is not listed on the product page, please contact us.

Q: Do your formal dresses and gowns run true to size?

A: Each dress is made a little differently due to the style of the dresses however we have listed the sizing as close to Australian size as possible for your reference. We also list the measurements on the product page however if you have any other inquiries about sizing, do contact us for more information. All of our evening gowns are made so that it can be altered up to one size larger if required.

Q: What sizes do you carry?

A: Our in stock evening and formal gowns are available from sizes AU 6-10 (XS-M). Our pre-order dresses are available from sizes AU 6-18 (XS-XXL).

Q: How do I know if the dress is in stock?

A: We have categorized the formal dresses into in stock or pre-order items for easier reference. Just hover over the options under “Formal Dresses” and all the dresses from either category will all be listed.

Q: What does it mean for “pre-order” dresses?

A: This means we do not carry or have the stock on hand but rather, we list all the styles on our website and order in required and as per customer’s order basis. The stock is located at our USA’s supplier’s showroom and warehouse. Pre-orders take approximately 10-15 working days to be processed, arrived and delivered to your doorstep.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to offer returns or refunds for change of mind or incorrect sizing/fit. We can offer you an exchange within 10 days from the date of purchase if the dress is in its original condition and in resalable condition. We do not offer any refunds or exchanges with our pre-order range. Due to the nature of the pre-order system, we only order in the dresses as per the customer’s order basis so can’t accept returns for change of mind or sizing errors. Generally the products are made to standard US/AU sizing so if you would like the exact measurements please get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with the sizing details of the particular dress.


Q: How much is shipping cost?

A: We offer free shipping (regular tracked postal service) for Australian customers when you purchase our wedding dresses. For international customers, shipping cost is based on your country. You can easily find out what the cost of shipping is to your country by selecting the dress you want, adding to cart and completing the shipping quote. If your country is not listed or have any issues please do contact us so we can help you further.

Q: Do you ship outside of Australia?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide! If your country is not listed on the dropdown menu to ship to at checkout, please contact us for assistance.

Q: What are your shipping options?

A: We can offer regular, tracked, registered with sign on delivery or express shipping. These delivery options apply to both domestic and international orders. Prices vary depending on your location and also weight of your package. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept bank transfer (EFT) and PayPal payments.

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Monday 16th January, 2017

This is a question we get asked a lot and we thought we’d share it with our new customers and readers to give an understanding on why formal and evening gowns are generally priced the way they are.

evening dresses cheap Perth

So what are these reasons?

  • The dresses are often designated to designers that design formal wear
  • The prototypes/samples cost more to make than regular clothing
  • The raw materials (i.e. fabric) of the formal dresses are often made of delicate materials which add to the cost of the dress
  • Beading, sequins, embroidery, embellishments are details that often part of evening gowns and these take time to include to the dresses
  • Most good quality evening gowns have some sort of lining underneath, either sateen, satin or silk lining
  • The manufacturing hours that goes into an evening dress or gown takes a lot more time than a regular dress or apparel item
  • Evening gowns stock don’t move as fast as regular fashion clothing and apparel and therefore, stay on retailer’s racks longer. So if stock doesn’t sell as fast, this means it’s an intangible cost to the business to keep the stock.
  • The cost of storage and up keeping the dresses “cost” more. For example; evening gowns are usually kept in dust bags to prevent everyday handling, wear and tear. Also, dry-cleaning costs are much higher for evening gowns than regular clothing.
  • Wholesale cost of evening gowns are generally higher than regular apparel items

At Envious fashions, our custom made collections are all handmade in house. So when we get inquiries about custom made gowns being “expensive”, in truth, it is not the case considering you are getting a dress that has been made from scratch and not mass produced in a factory.

We will walk you through how our custom evening dresses are made from start to finish.

  1. We draw and design evening gowns styles, usually anywhere between 30-60 designs as a rough sketch up of the potential dresses for our collection.
  2. The styles are picked and narrowed down to about 20-25 styles to as part of our collection range.
  3. The drawings of the chosen dress styles are then separated and set aside in our approved lists of dresses to include for the collection.
  4. We then determine what colours we will choose for each of the dresses.
  5. The fabric of the dress is also determined and picked.
  6. Beading, embroidery and embellishments are chosen.
  7. We go through our paper drawings once again and add in all the details such as chosen sizes, colour, material and adornments for the dress.
  8. We start arranging and purchase the raw materials of fabrics and all the other supplies needed to make the dress. 
  9. The evening dresses are measured and marked out with the basic outline of the dress is made. The lining and zipper is added and then finished off in the final shape of the dress.
  10. The beading, sequins and any embellishments are gathered and the hand process of adorning all these on the dress where intended.
  11. The evening dresses are set aside in our inspection area for last quality control and assurance inspection and all ticked off.

While it’s hard to not compare a handmade gown to one that is mass manufactured, you can appreciate the time, labour and effort that goes into each custom made gown. A lot of work goes on in a dress that is custom made so evidently, the price is part reflection of this. With a custom dress in from the Envious Fashion’s formal dresses and gowns collection, you can be assured that your dress really is one of a kind and that no one will have a dress quite like yours!

You may consider selling your special dress to a consignment/pre-loved store such as Love My Label once you have worn it to your special occasion. You can read more about consignment and how it works here

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Monday 9th January, 2017

Stand out in the crowd in the trending hot evening dress style of 2017…the two toned evening dress.

two toned evening dress

The two toned gown is super-hot as it makes a statement with the colour combination and contrast. This style is perfect if you’re after a minimalistic kind of style, yet not boring but also will make heads turn. What’s fantastic about this style is the variety of the colour combination that you can pick to achieve the look you’re after. For example, if your favourite colour is blue, there are many options to create your “look” such as choosing two complimentary hues of blue or choosing two different shades to contrast against one another.

The soft flowing material of this style combined with the colours conveys a soft and romantic look that is feminine, sophisticated and stylish. The versatility of the two toned evening dresses means you can create almost any look you want; simple and classic with natural looking evening makeup, jewellery and accessories. Or you can opt for a dramatic evening look with smoky makeup and bling accessories.

two toned evening gowns

Whilst some evening dress styles limit certain body shapes, two toned gowns are flattering to all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re petite or plus size, this style will flatter your curves. The V neckline is great for both small and larger bust women; the soft and flowy style will hide any mid section imperfections and the cascading fabric will create a beautiful feminine and romantic silhouette.

 If you love the two toned evening gowns look, we can custom make this amazing style for you. You can pick your colour combinations and of course made to fit your shape and body. If you know what you want, that’s great. All you have to do is give us a call or drop us an email with all of the dress details. If you’re not sure of what you want or what colour combinations suit, that’s no problems either. Just flick us an email or call us so we can ask you a few questions to get started and we can go from there to bring to life your dream two toned evening dress.

What’s the price to make this stunning gown?

Prices start from $289.00 for the basic style, which means just the two toned dress, no embellishments or bling included. If you want to add details to your dress, additional charges apply starting from $20 for basic beading. We can offer diamond encrusted motifs or different sequins, beading or crystal stones to be embellished on the dress. Of course, if there is a particular style of embellishment or jewel item you want, you can always send it through to us to see if we can source it for you.

We currently have a two toned evening gown in stock, ready made gown for only $185.00! Please see item link below this post.

It’s as simple as that. Interested? Click here to email us or phone us on 0431 273 522 to discuss your dream two toned formal dress.

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