Thursday 13th October, 2016

Shopping for your ball dress can be an exciting thought but may leave you feeling frustrated, stressed and perhaps drive you a little crazy. Being prepared by shopping in the right time frame and having a good idea of what to expect can really help.

Ball dresses shopping tips;

1. Research - Think about the basics of your perfect ball dress. What colour is it? What style is it? Is it simple and elegant ordo you want something that will make a statement? Is it fitted or a flowy formal dress type? By have a good idea of what you’re after will make the searching process for your ball dress much easier and more likely the one you want. Why? Because ball dress shopping can be and get quite overwhelming. When there are so many styles and varieties to look at and consider, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options.

ball dress shopping tips

Do some preliminary research online to get an idea of what’s on trend, styles that you may like and know the price range of the formal/evening dresses you like and/or are considering. If these styles correlate with your allowable ball gowns budget then that’s great. If not, perhaps consider alternative styles to help with the cost or explore a few other methods such as taking on a few extra work hours or saving more so it can go towards getting your dream ball dress gown.

2. Ask for help/advice – Don’t be shy, ask for a professional’s input as they might provide some valuable feedback and suggestions that you may not be aware of or have thought of. A knowledgeable salesperson can definitely help in making your ball dress shopping a lot easier and point you in the right direction. They can help provide you with options as to what suits your body shape, skin tone, fit and budget. Come in store with an open mind will open up many options and variations of what you may have originally thought. Take on board the sale consultant’s advice and you’re on your way to find that perfect formal, evening or ball dress that will look stunning on you and a price tag you’re happy with. 

3. Bring as few people along as possible – Bringing along 10 friends to go ball shopping isn’t ideal. That is because the more people you bring, the more there will be a difference in opinions which may leave you quite overwhelmed. One friend may like a particular style, another may suggest a different design on you, another may say a particular colour looks nice on you…with all these suggestions and opinions put forward to you it’s hard to keep a straight thinking as to what YOU really want and like.

We wish you the best of luck in finding that perfect ball dress for your special occasion and if you require any help in choosing formal gowns, feel free to get in contact with us today or start browsing online at our collection of ball dresses, formal dresses, evening gowns and prom dresses that are in stock or pre-orders here.

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Monday 10th October, 2016

Are you tired of seeing the same evening/formal/ball dresses over and over at the stores or online? At Envious fashions we aim to be distinguishable by offering a range of beautiful custom, handmade ball dresses and gowns that are beautifully unique and with only one made in each style. This avoids the whole “OMG she’s wearing the same dress as me!” scenario at school balls or formal events. We also offer many on trend ball dress styles such as two pieces, short prom dresses and more.

black formal dresses

Envious Fashions caters to a wide customer base to meet the different needs. So whether you’re petite or plus size, want a different style ball dress, a show stopper, an outstanding formal gown, we are sure we can help you find your perfect evening formal dress.

We have a stunning range of long formal dresses 2017 in many styles such as lace dresses, mermaid dresses, long sleeve formal dresses, sexy prom dresses and so much more. The formal wear dresses come in amazing colours and fabrics and we’re confident you will find a dress you love.

blue formal dresses

gold formal dresses

Shopping for your school ball dress can be very exciting but can get quite overwhelming at some point. There seems to be so many choices to narrow down, from the style to the colour to the availability and price range. 

We often get customers asking us for help with their search for their formal dresses but not sure what they really want. This makes the searching process a little complicated in the sense that the availability of choices may leave the customer overwhelmed and confused as to what they really like. At Envious Fashions we first like to establish some background information by asking you a few basic questions to lay down the foundation of what the customer roughly has in mind, and then we filter through certain elements to provide suggestions and recommendations to help find the perfect formal dress.

blue formal dresses

purple formal dresses

red formal dresses

A few tips to help you start looking for your dream all gown;

  • Do you have a particular formal dress style you like?
  • Do you have a colour preference for your ball dress?
  • Is there a neckline that you prefer?
  • Do you like a simple style evening dress or prefer something with bling and embellishments?
  • Do you have a ball dress price budget?

turquoise ball dresses

pink formal dresses

Not all evening/formal/ball dresses and gowns are currently listed on our website as our range is quite large so does take some time to upload (please bear with us!) so in the meantime, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email with your requirements and we’d be happy to help you look for your perfect ball dress or formal gown.

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Monday 15th August, 2016

One shoulder or asymmetrical evening dresses look absolutely stunning on the right body shape. It oozes sex appeal, grace and elegance with it's sheer simplicity and feminine look. There are many amazing one shoulder and asymmetrical styles for both formal and bridal styles. This neckline style is more suited to women with smaller and leaner upper bodies as the one shoulder style draws attention to the neck and shoulder areas.

one shoulder evening dresses

One shoulder styles suits;

  • Smaller upper body women with leaner shoulders and arms
  • Small to medium bust

One shoulder styles should be avoided if;

  • You have broad shoulders
  • You have square shoulders
  • You have full arms
  • You have a large bust

Check out the links below for one shoulder/asymmetrical evening dresses available at Envious Fashions.

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Monday 8th August, 2016

Sweetheart neckline gowns forms the neckline in the shape like the top of a love heart at the top of the bust. It is a romantic neckline that looks timelessly pretty and elegant on evening gowns and wedding dresses. This style neckline is flattering to all bust sizes; from small and petite to large and curvier. One of the best point about the sweetheart neckline is it elongates the face and provides a proportional balance to the overall look.

sweetheart neckline gowns

Sweetheart neckline gowns suits;

  • Everyone! It is suggested for large bust women to accentuate the cleavage in a flattering way
  • If you have a short chin and neck and the neckline to perfectly balance out the proportions
  • People with angular face shapes; again, balancing the face with the sweetheart neckline contour
  • Petite shape women with a smaller chest and narrow shoulders; the sweetheart neckline helps to create the illusion for more curves

The sweetheart neckline allows to accessorize with different necklace types. You can go with a chunky necklace, pendant necklace or a dainty style necklace. A beautiful diamond jewellery necklace and earring set will beautifully flatter and enhance a sweetheart neckline evening gown.

Check out the links below for sweetheart evening dresses available at Envious Fashions.

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Saturday 6th August, 2016

Strapless (also known as tube) evening dresses and gowns are one of the most frequently designed and made necklines with evening dresses, formal gowns as well as wedding dresses. Different styles come and go but the strapless remains as one of the most popular necklines and after a stint of more "trendier modern" necklines, the strapless remains a classic style and making a comeback. Strapless neckline evening dresses are romantic and timelessly elegant but it's not a neckline that suits everyone.

strapless evening dresses blog

Follow the below guide for the strapless neckline;

Strapless neckline gowns suits:

  • If you have a long neck
  • Great for accentuating the decolletage/collarbone area so the strapless style is great if you have a slim upper body
  • If you have toned arms with good slim shoulders
  • If you have a medium bust
  • Women who are thin and have wider shoulders with a smaller bustline suit this look the most

Strapless neckline gowns should be avoided if;

  • You  have a heavier upper body with full arms to avoid the overhang of unslightly bulges
  • You have square or broad shoulders
  • You have a short neck
  • You have a large bust which may spill over on the sides and will not be able to offer you the support as needed
  • You are quite flat chested as the straight strapless neckline will add a flat look and do no favours to add any curves

Check out the links below for strapless evening dresses available at Envious Fashions.

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Monday 1st August, 2016

You might see an absolutely gorgeous formal gown that you think will be perfect for your special ovcasion but is it the right style to suit and flatter your individual body shape? Knowing the type of body shape you have will help to determine a gown style that will hide any flaws but emphasize and enhance your best body points.

Firstly, determine you best body parts; do you have well scuplted shoulders and decolletage? Do you have a tall and lean figure?

Then, determine your least favoured body part/s; do you want to conceal a rounded mid section? Do you have broad shoulders?

From there, you can then familiarize yourself with many different types of formal dress necklines to find a style that best suits your shape. Below we have provided a summary table of the different types of evening dresses neckline and will go in detail in our following blog posts on the individual neckline types.

Stay tuned!

formal bridal dress neckline guide

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Tuesday 19th July, 2016

Written and compiled by fashion guest blogger, Natalia Webster from blog Chic On The Run

Do you have a chic formal occasion coming up? Is it a wedding, school prom or a cocktail party? Fashion trends are always changing, so it's important to keep up-to-date! Teaming up with Envious Fashions, I have compiled the formal forecast for 2016. See below and get ahead of the crowd with these chic and glamorous styles! The Mermaid This gorgeous, form fitting style is currently very popular and it's clear why! This style hugs the body, showing off every curve until it drops at the knees revealing a stunning 'mermaid' tail. While many argue that this style doesn't go with every body type, I think it all depends on height of your tail! If you've got an apple or a pear body shape, choose a mermaid style where the tail drops just below the hips.

mermaid red formal dress

  Short and cute If your event is less formal or you are going for a statement heel, consider a shorter dress!

There are plenty of cuts to chose from that cater to every body shape so find the one that suits you.

black prom mini dress

  Bodycon Bombshell This one is definitely not for the faint hearted. If you are proud of your killer curves, show them off!

Don't forget the proper undergarments to get the most out of your showstopper dress.

red bodycon formal

  Class and Chic If you've got a black tie event coming up, you might be after a classy and sophisticated gown.

Channel your inner Kate Middleton, with this stunning piece from Envious Fashions! Don't forget to keep it sexy with some stilettos and a smoky eye.

navy chic gown
A Princess Classic
It's every girl's dream to wear a princess gown at least once. Whether it's a voluminous wedding gown or a flowing dress there's plenty of beautiful gowns to chose from! If you have an opportunity to wear a gown this fancy, make sure you take it. Your inner 5-year-old will thank you!
blue princess dress
Glam Queen Now if you're less of a princess and more of a glam queen then a statement gown might be the thing for you! Look for anything with sequins, glitter and statement prints. Don't forget to accessorise!
statement dress

The original blog post is also available here  and check out more more amazing tips on fashion, visit Chic On The Run blog.

Monday 25th July, 2016

Custom made formal dresses, as the name suggests, is made according to your unique style and measurements. As the formal dress is made to order, there is no pre-existing dress off the rack and that particular custom dress will be one of a kind and unique to you.


Here at Envious Fashions we have many years of experience with making custom dresses for events such as school balls, prom, bridesmaids and brides. All of our custom made formal dresses are 100% handmade with detail and care from our highly experienced dressmakers and seamstresses. Having a custom made formal dress is truly a fabulous experience knowing that the dress is specially created for you, made from a concept and handmade to perfection, allowing you to express your personal style.

Check out our custom dresses gallery to see the dress/gown styles, quality and craftsmanship of our custom designed and made formal dresses.

custom made formal dresses australia online

Here is a general idea of how your custom made evening dress is created from the first contact to the day of delivery of your formal gown.

Your Dress Concept & Pictures

Send us pictures of the dress you want to get made. The more, the better! This includes the front, side and back. If you have any close up shots of any detailing such as sequins, beading, embellishments or appliques, it would be handy to also send the pictures through too. If you don’t have all the detailed photos of your dress, not to worry! We can help you work through the dress detailing.

The Questionnaire

On our website you can see under BRIDAL “custom gallery” the bridal and formal dresses we have made for other customers. We understand each customer is different with her style, tastes and preferences so we will send you a questionnaire to complete. This form is designed to get to know all about you so we can figure out how best to serve you and create your perfect formal custom dress.

The Initial Consultation

After we review your completed questionnaire we will be in contact with you via your preferred method. We serve customers in Perth as well as other states Australia wide and international so meeting in person isn’t always possible.

For Perth customers:

We invite you to our shop in North Perth to discuss the details of your dress. At this first consultation, we will go over your dress ideas and preferences, Envious Fashion’s process and policies with custom made dresses. Once the style has been finalized, we will take your measurements and provide you with a quote based on the requirements of your custom dress.

To go ahead with your custom made formal dress, we require a 50% deposit of the dress’s total price to secure the production of your dress. We will then go ahead to source your dress’s materials and embellishments.

For customers within Australia:

We will contact you via telephone or email (whichever is your preferred method) to confirm your completed questionnaire. We will provide a sketch of your dress design with other details such as sizing, materials, sizing/measurements and any other applicable details.

We will also send through our custom made dresses contract which enlists Envious Fashion’s process and policies associated with custom made dresses. You are requested to read through, sign and send back to us. Accompanying the contract will be a Paypal invoice (the safest and quickest online payment method) for a 50% deposit of the dress’s total price for us to book in the production of your custom dress. We will proceed to source your dress’s materials and embellishments once payment is received.

For international customers:

We will be in touch with you via email, WhatsApp or Skype to confirm your completed questionnaire. We will provide a sketch of your dress design with other details such as sizing, materials, sizing/measurements and any other applicable details.

We will also send through our contract for custom made dresses which outlines our company’s custom made dresses process and policies. You are requested to read through, sign and send a copy back to us. A PayPal invoice will also be sent through to you with the request for a 50% deposit of your dress’s total price so we can schedule in the production of your custom dress. We will proceed to source out your dress’s materials once payment has been received.

Progress Photos

While the dress is in production we will be in touch with you and send progress photos of how your custom dress is coming along.

Delivery of Your Custom Dress

We will be in regular contact with you while your custom dress is in production so you will have a good idea as to when your dress is nearing completion and when the final delivery of your dress will be.

For Perth customers, we will call you to notify you when your dress has arrived and you have the choice to pick up locally at our shop or have your dress delivered to your doorstep. For any reason that you may need alterations to the dress, we have in house professional tailors who can help you with any alteration needs.

For interstate and international customers; we also will keep in regular touch with you on how your dress is coming along in production. When your dress is fully completed we will be in contact to let you know your custom dress is on its way to you via registered shipping (express delivery service is also available on request).

Get in touch with us today to inquire about a formal custom made dress.

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