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Turquoise is a hugely popular and favored colour for any formal occasion. Turquoise is a blend of blue and green which is a "cool" colour and range from sky blue, tiffany blue to the dark and more dramatic turquoise shades. Turquoise formal dresses are widely chosen for formal events, school balls, proms and bridesmaids dresses. Different shades of turquoises work for different seasons of the year. For example, for the summer months, lighter hues of turquoise and deeper shades of turquoise works well for the winter months.

The broad spectrum of turquoise shades suits many skin colours and tones; fair and white to olive skinned to tanned skin. Furthermore, turquoise evening dresses are versatile with jewellery and accessories that go well with the colour.

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What jewellery matches a turquoise evening dress?

  • If your turquoise evening dress already has medium to heavy beading and embellishments, it is best to stick to minimalistic jewellery such as a pair of stud or thin drop earrings or a bracelet. You don't want a mass of jewellery to take away the attention of your gorgeous turquoise dress. Choose one piece of statement jewellery only, wear a pair of earrings or bracelet - never both together.
  • For formal occasions such as school balls, proms and wedding, jewellery to go with your turquoise prom dress should be understated and elegant. The best colours that match turquoise dresses would be gold, silver or ivory in a delicate design. For these types of formal occasions, you can either match your jewellery with your dress's beading or embellishments. For example, if your formal dress has rhinestone embellishments, you can opt to match the same beading to your jewellery pick of rhinestone stud earrings, bracelet or necklace. This will coordinate your look nicely as there are no mismatched look of different beading and stones with the dress and your jewellery.

What evening bag goes with a turquoise formal dress?

A small clutch bag either in a solid neutral colour or with beading and embellishments also in a neutral colour will look amazing with a turquoise formal dress. Silvers, golds, beige or cream coloured clutches will be highly suitable. Try to match your clutch bag with the colour of your jewellery as this will create an overall coordinated and well matched look. If you have decided on accessorizing with silver rhinestone necklace/earring or bracelet, a silver rhinestone clutch would look fabulous with your look.

What shoes to suit a turquoise formal gown?

Again, the look works best to match your shoes to your jewellery and accessories. Whether you choose to wear flats or heels to your ocassion, your shoes should ideally flow with the theme of your dress (for example, if you opt for silver jewellery and accessories or have silver accents and embellishments on your formal dress, your shoes should match this colour scheme). Strappy heels and peep toe heels in the colour of choice are very popular with formal and ball dresses for it's feminine and delicate look.

Looking for turquoise ball dresses? Check out our 2016/17 formal dresses collection which feature this stunning colour. We have turquoise long evening dresses made in a number of different styles such as sweetheart strapless, strappy and one shoulder.

Each of our  formal dresses in our 2016/17 collection have been designed by Envious Fashions and each has been handmade by our experienced dressmakers. Beadings, rhinestones and embellishments on the formal dresses have been hand sewn on and taken many many hours of diligent work.

When you purchase our formal dresses, you know that the formal gown you walk out with will be unique to you as there is only 1 made in the design and colour making the dress a very special dress for your special occasion. Our formal gowns are also a fabulous choice for your bridal party; elegant and unique bridesmaids dresses. If you love the styyle but prefer a different colour and size, contact us and we can help you further.

Also check out our blue formal dresses 2016/17 collection.

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Monday 6th June, 2016

Shades of blues are one of the most popular colour for evening and formal dresses for school balls and proms. The colour is universally flattering to all skin tones and there are so many shade variations of blues and looks great on any evening dress style. Check out our blog post on the different hues of blues.

Our 2016/17 formal dresses collection features a range of different blue hues in different styles that will ensure you look and feel fabulous for your special formal ocasion.

A few styling tips with blue formal dresses;

  • Looks great with either silver or gold accessories
  • Stick to minimalist jewellery and accessories if the formal dress has medium to heavy beading, rhinestones and embellishments
  • Match your shoes to your accessories colour choice
  • For fairer, light skinned girls, darker blue hues look stunning
  • Lighter blue hue formal dresses contrast with tanned or darker skin girls

Each of our blue formal dresses in our 2016/17 collection have been designed by Envious Fashions and each has been handmade by our experienced dressmakers. Beadings, rhinestones and embellishments on the formal dresses have been hand sewn on and taken many many hours of diligent work.

When you purchase our formal dresses, you know that the formal gown you walk out with will be unique to you as there is only 1 made in the design and colour making the dress a very special dress for your special occasion.

All of the formal dresses displayed are from our blue collection range however if you love the style and would like the dress style made in a different colour, contact us to discuss a custom made dress in your preferred colour and size.

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Monday 30th May, 2016

Formal, prom and ball dresses come in a range of different designs and fabrics with some styles being more suited to certain materials. With the variety of fabrics it can make prom and ball dress shopping confusing. Perhaps you want to have your formal dress custom made and you will certainly be asked by your dressmaker what fabrics you want.

Read on with our mini part series guide below as we help you understand the different fabric types of prom and ball dresses. First up, we share some information and tips with the most popular material for formal dresses, chiffon.

Chiffon is a popular fabric type widely used for evening dresses, formal gowns, bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses for it's delicate look and feel, giving off an elegant, soft, floaty and feminine look to the dress. Chiffon evening dresses are very elegant, delicate and beautiful for any formal occasion, making it a real formal wear gem.

Chiffon formal evening dresses aren't cheap so take good care of it to get your money's worth either for future wear or if you plan to resell your dress.

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Types of chiffon:

Chiffon is a light and sheer fabric so often used as an overlay on top of a satin or sateen material for formal dresses. There are 2 types of chiffon material (1) nylon (polyester) chiffon and (2) silk chiffon.

(1) Nylon chiffon is the cheaper of the two chiffon materials and is made from a synthetic material such as polyester.

(2) Silk chiffon is the premium chiffon type and obviously, costs more due to the overall higher quality and durability of the fabric.

Regardless of chiffon material, you can opt to handwash at home or have it professional dry cleaned or cared for. To help preserve the life of chiffon formal dresses, it is best to prolong the wear of the chiffon dress to as many times as possible before washing.

How to hand wash chiffon formal dresses:

Be extra careful if your chiffon formal dress has moderate to heavy embellishments such as beads, sequins, rhinestones, appliques or other delicate detailings.

  • Fill a large laundry basis/sink or bathtub with cold water. NB: Ensure that the water is cold and not warm as warm water can damage the delicate chiffon fibers. Also, the sink or basin should be large enough to fit your evening dress comfortably.
  • Add a small amount of mild laundry detergent and stir to mix in with the water until well combined.
  • Submerge the chiffon formal dress in the water and soap and gently stir to dampen the entire dress to loosen any dirt.
  • Let the chiffon dress sit and soak for 20-30 minutes.
  • If you have any stains remaining after this time, add a small amount of mild liquid detergent to the stain and rub very gently over the area with your finger or a soft sponge. Then allow to sit for a further 15 minutes.
  • Drain the soapy water and then refill with cold clean water. Gently stir the chiffon evening dress to remove any residual soap and repeat process until water is clear and dress is clear of any soap residue.


  • Don't be alarmed if your chiffon dress bleeds dye the first time you wash your dress.
  • Embellishments can get caught and tangled with the delicate chiffon material during handwash so it is best to not stir the dress around too vigorously or too much.
  • Long or chipped fingernails can get caught on the chiffon material and snag, so take extra care when washing. You can wear gloves to prevent this from happening.
  • Chiffon is very sheer, light and delicate so take care with the material to avoid any tears, shrinkage to the dress. Do not scrub or wring the chiffon dress.

Drying chiffon formal dresses:

The best way to dry chiffon formal dresses is to let it air dry naturally. Some tips with drying your chiffon dress;

  • Do not dry chiffon dresses with a hair dryer as the harsh heat will damage the delicate fibers of the material.
  • Do not wring your chiffon dress! This will deform the chiffon fibers and the embellishments may get tangled and catch on the material.
  • Ensure all the zips are zipped up so it doesn't get caught on the dress or on any embellishments.
  • Air dry the dress in a shaded area out of direct sunlight to prevent fabric colour fading.
  • If possible, allow your chiffon dress to lay flat to dry to prevent the water weight stretch and pull the dress.

We hope these tips for caring for your formal chiffon dresses will be helpful to preserving your formal dress.

Check out our range of beautiful chiffon formal dresses that is perfect for any formal occasion such as school balls, prom or even for bridesmaids.

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If you have any questions, drop us a line via email.

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Monday 23rd May, 2016

Formal dresses for school balls and proms can be expensive which is why shopping online for discounted and “cheap” formal dresses is usually a good idea but unfortunately there are also fake and counterfeit formal dresses websites that spoil the online shopping experience for shoppers. There are plenty of horror stories of girls finding their dream prom dress online, order it and when their dress arrives (in some cases, it doesn’t arrive at all!) it is a complete mess. The dress received is nothing like what the actual dress that was shown on the website. Furthermore, there is no way to return the dress or get a refund!

These fake websites often claim they sell DESIGNER formal dresses, prom gowns, bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns at 80% off retail price. They display stunning and beautiful shots of the dresses on their websites and the prices are only a fraction of what the RRP is. How good is that! It just sounds too good to be true, and in actuality, it is. These websites do a fantastic job at luring customers in to buy with the attractive design and layout of their websites, stolen dress shots from the actual brand/designer and too good to be true prices. These fake formal dresses usually are made in China with exceptionally bad craftsmanship.

The deep discounts are a huge bait to get people to make a purchase but don’t be fooled. The people behind these websites know the prices are almost irresistible and take full advantage by advertising site-wide of all the special prices, discounts and savings you get by purchasing a dress from their company.  For example; a typical long prom dress with sequins, beading and embellishments typically retail between $200-$450 but these fake websites are listing the same dress (pictures stolen) for around $100-$180. Trying to save some money isn’t worth getting scammed by these counterfeit websites!

In short, our best piece of advice for buyers looking to buy online is enter the URL of the website you are intending to purchase off at

This is a very helpful website that provides information on the website such as the location of the website, owner of website and also provides an analysis of whether the website is deemed a risk website that has either been reported as a scam website.

Here we run an example of our website


envious fashions formal dresses australia

We ran a scan on another website which many buyers have questioned the authenticity of the website and also many online reviews that this website have left many buyers disappointed and angry.

scam website

Remember, never give out your credit card details online to any website that seems suss. If you have a bad feeling, your instinct might be true!

Keep website handy and run a check whenever you're in doubt! Please note we take no responsibility for any potential inaccurate results from this website as it only a recommendation on our behalf to help buyers shop safer.

If you have any further questions, please drop us a line. Happy safe shopping!

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Monday 9th May, 2016

ball formal dresses 2016-17

We are very excited to showcase our 2016/17 ball/formal and prom dresses featuring a collection of stunning custom, handmade formal dresses. We have spent many months in the design process and creation of these beautiful formal dresses that is perfect for any special occasion such as school balls, formals, prom or even for bridesmaids. We collaborated with various local Australian designers to come up with the design for each dress, sourced only the highest quality and luxurious materials for the dress and passed onto our tailors to meticulously handmake each stunning formal dress. To preserve the integrity of a "custom" dress, we only carry a quantity of one dress of each style (sizes depend on the dress). However, if there is a particular style that you love but we do not currently have it in the size you are after, you are welcome to make a custom order for the dress to be made in the size you require. Furthermore, we can also offer you the option of having the dress made in not only your required sizing but a colour of your choice. This means that once you buy the dress, the dress is unique to you. Our formal dresses collection is not available at any other retail store (online or physical shop) so you are guaranteed to be the only one in Perth and Australia (perhaps even international) with the beautiful gown. Now that's pretty special!

Our 2016/17 formal dresses collection features a range of different dress styles to flatter all body shapes from petite frame, regular and plus size. The collection features dresses with timeless and elegant styles such as strappy/spaghetti straps, one shoulder, strapless and off the shoulder in a range of popular colours in shades of blues, turquoises, greens, purples, pinks, reds and nudes.

If you are a local Perth customer, you can see the range at our shop located at 377 Fitzgerald Street North Perth. We also have in house professional tailors with over 25 years experience that will help you to get the perfect fit should you need any alterations.

To see close up pictures or get more information on these formal dresses, click here and view the entire range.

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or want to know more about our stunning collection or any individual dresses or custom orders!

Email us sales or call us on 0431 273 522.

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Monday 1st February, 2016

Hi bride-to-be! Thanks for dropping by our website and blog. Planning a wedding is a huge and exhaustive task and one of the first items on the to do list is to organize dresses for your bridesmaids. We offer custom made bridesmaid dresses that is made to measure to fit your bridesmaid/s in the style of your choice from our evening dresses/gowns collection and in the colour of your choice. Each of our bridesmaid dresses are handmade from the general composition of the dress to the beading, embroidery and other detailings of the bridesmaid dress.

If you have just started to think about or planning the colour theme of your wedding, here are a few colour themes and bridesmaids dress colours to help you along with your consideration.

Shades of Blue

shades of blue

blue bridesmaids dresses perth

Shades of Reds

shades of red

red bridesmaid dresses perth

Shades of Greens

shades of green

green bridesmaids dresses perth


Shades of Purples

shades of purple

purple bridesmaid dresses perth

Shades of Neutrals

neutral shades chiffon

neutral bridesmaid dresses perth

Shades of Greys

shades of grey dresses

grey bridesmaid dresses perth


Shades of Pastels

pastel bridesmaid dresses perth

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Monday 25th January, 2016

Sweetheart neckline evening gowns are a timeless evening dress style that compliments and flatter almost every body shape and bust size. Sweetheart style evening dresses come in an array of different neckline styles but the one being most popular are the strapless sweetheart neckline.

Strapless sweetheart neckline evening dresses make a very popular pick for wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses, ball dresses and prom gowns. This exudes a whimsical, romantic and graceful sense of aurora that not only makes wearing the dress look beautiful but also feeling very elegant and feminine.

turquoise strapless sweetheart evening dress

Envious Fashion's "Zivia" strapless sweetheart turquoise evening dress from 2014/15 ball dress collection.

Custom orders for sizing and colours according to your requirement is available for this dress.

Strapless sweetheart neckline evening gowns look particularly stunning in soft floaty materials such as chiffon with an empire or cinched waist with runching, cascades or A line style. The sweetheart neckline works perfectly to enhance both small and a larger cleavage. For smaller bust girls, a strapless stick on adhesive push up bra will give the bust line a bit of lift and add the dimension of a larger bust size. For girls who have ample cleavage the sweetheart neckline naturally emphasizes the curves and it is recommended to wear a well-supported bra with the addition of some double sided tape to hold, secure and support your bust.

sweetheart neckline evening gowns

Envious Fashions sweetheart neckline evening gowns currently available (L-R)

"Promises" sweetheart neckline white formal gown

'Elizabeita" sweetheart neckline strapless beige evening gown

"Delilah" sweetheart neckline evening gown

For sweetheart evening dresses, the best type of necklaces to wear are those that are shorter in length that lay on the neck. A matching necklace and drop earrings jewellery set is a fabulous choice to team with a sweetheart styled evening dress. A diamond cuff will also look stunning if you wish to add this jewellery piece in addition however it is best to go with a combination of necklace and bracelet/cuff or earrings and bracelet/cuff to avoid your accessories overcrowding your look.

bridal jewellery set online australia

Necklace & Earring Jewellery Set available at Envious Fashions (L-R)

"Hollywood Beauty" bridal & formal necklace set $49.95

"Timeless Beauty" bridal jewelry sets $29.95

"Glamour Beauty" bridal jewellery set SOLD OUT

'Royal Beauty" formal jewellery sets $49.95

"Simple Beauty" rhinestone necklace set $29.95


silver bridal necklace earring set

Envious Fashions necklace & earring sets (top to bottom)

"Exquisite Beauty" wedding necklace & earring set $49.95

"Romantic Beauty" wedding necklace set $49.95

"Classic Beauty" formal diamond necklace set $49.95

Almost every hairstyle looks great with a sweetheart evening dress. For a soft and romantic look, opt for soft waves or curls either swept to the side, half up and down or a loose ponytail. A sleek bun also looks beautiful with this look.


Monday 4th January, 2016


Exciting news! We are currently working hard to prepare for the release of our 2016 ball dresses/evening gowns collection which we will unveil in February 2016. There will be many styles in our new range which will include an array of popular colours and fabrics (chiffon, lace) in different dress styles such as sweetheart neckline, strapless, one shoulder and more. Our evening dresses make a perfect choice and suitable for occasions such as school balls, proms, special events and bridesmaids.

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Envious Fashions 2014/15 ball dresses/evening gowns collection. A few of our fastest selling dresses.

For school balls, our evening gowns are perfect for this special occasion as you can be assured no one else will have the same ball dress as you. The evening dresses are handmade by in house tailors and made available off the rack with only one made in each style.

We also accept custom made orders for bridesmaid dresses for any of the dress styles in our collection. This means we can make custom sizes to fit your individual bridesmaids. If there is a particular style you like in our collection, you are able to make a custom order in the dress style in our collection and also have the dress made in the colour of your choice if you have a bridal colour theme or preference. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are a small family owned business so we work closely on every aspect of the dress making process. We design the evening dress styles, source the fabrics, beading, embellishments both locally and internationally and sew the entire dress in house. This includes every composition of the dress from hand sewing all the dress's embellishments of beading, crystals, jewels and embroideries. The dress making process of each dress is meticulous so you know your dress is one of a kind and special.

2016 ball dresses perth perth ball dresses boutiques australia ball dress shops perth purple evening dresses

Stay tuned for Envious Fashion's 2016 formal dresses/gowns collection.

So if you have a school ball, wedding or other special occasion coming up and looking for a beautiful evening gown at a reasonable price, stay tuned for our 2016 collection! Check back at our our website for our new and beautiful range.

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