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OK, so it's kind of a big deal that your school ball event is approaching and you want to be fully prepared and look your very best for this special occasion. Ball dresses, shoes, hair and makeup....where to start? In this comprehensive ball planning guide, you will get step by step shopping and style advice and tips to help you prepare for the big night, stress free! In our complete guide series of The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping we will cover the following topics to help you prepare for your ball dress shopping expedition and ball planning.

Part 1: Ball Planning and Checklist

Part 2: Ball Gowns Style Guide

Part 3: To Buy Online or In Store?

Part 4: Finding the Best Bra For Your Ball Dress

Part 5: Ball Shoes & Accessories

Part 6: Beauty, Makeup & Hair

Here is a detailed school ball checklist of the things to do to help you prepare and keep your planning run smoothly. Being prepared and having this checklist handy will ensure you are on track and have less to think, remember and worry about all at once.


Regular exercise and healthy eating

Now is a great time to get into shape for the school ball by starting an exercise and healthy eating plan (if you haven't already) so you can get accustomed and settled comfortably into your new regime.



Work out a budget

Without careful planning school ball costs can quickly get out of hand! Decide on how much money you plan to spend on everything involved with the ball. If your parents will be willing to contribute, factor this into your budget and it will give you a better idea of an overall spending pool. Once you have determined your budget, start saving immediately. These savings will come in handy for unexpected costs that may arise and if you do end up spending a bit more than planned.

Here are some examples of what you might want to budget for and it's average costs;

  • Ball dress $200 - $400
  • Shoes/heels $100 - $180
  • Ball ticket $130
  • Hairdressing service $100
  • Makeup; professional services $80 - $100 or buying your own products $30 - $100
  • Getting your nails done $50
  • Clutch $50 - $80
  • Jewellery $30 - $80
  • Limousine $50 - $80
  • Boutonniere for your date $30
  • Dress alterations $50 - $150



Start shopping for your ball dress

Start thinking about the type of dress you would like to wear for your school ball. One of the best ways to start shopping for a school ball dress is to first determine your body shape as this will give you a good starting point to look for certain dresses that will flatter your body over other dress styles.

For example, if you have a petite frame, consider a ball dress with ruffles and padding on the chest area to help give the illusion of a fuller bust line. If you're larger sized, opt for a strappy style ball dress that is slightly fitted on the bodice and flowy floor length style dress. We will cover in more detail the different styles of ball dresses and which body shapes it flatters in our next edition of The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 2: Ball Dress Style Guide.

You may decide to shop around at local boutiques and stores for your ball dress or you may go the online route with purchasing your ball dress. Whatever choice you make, allow plenty of time to make a well informed purchase decision. If you go for the online purchase of your dress, it is advisable to start looking a bit earlier than 3 months to ensure you are 100% with your dress. We will go through factors to consider when shopping online for ball dresses to avoid delay and disappointment of your special ball dress in The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 3: To Buy Online or In Store? of this guide. You should also consider shopping for the appropriate undergarments to wear with your dress. Check out The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 4: Finding The Best Bra For Your Ball Dress.



Start shopping for accessories; shoes, clutch & jewellery

Start shopping around for accessories such as your shoes, clutch bag and jewellery. By shopping early you can possibly bag a bargain here and there where items are offered at sale or special prices during certain days and seasons (depending on your ball date). In general, stores offer sales anywhere between 10-50% off so keep your eyes open to these deals. Same thing applies if you want to buy these items online.


For shoes, it is generally advisable to purchase in store as you can try on the shoes and walk around to see if you are comfortable in them. You can also usually determine a better fit in store than with purchasing online unless the store advises that their sizes run true to size or you have purchased from them before.


Shopping for clutches are relatively easy and there are plenty of shapes and styles of clutch bags to choose from. Determine what kind of shape you are comfortable and like to carry. Do you like the classic rectangular or square boxed shape or do you prefer the oval styles? If you want to go extra fancy, try the irregular shaped clutches. Most of the clutches are embellished with sequins, rhinestones, crystals or faux diamonds or of some similar sort. If your dress already has a lot of these embellishments or is intricate with beading and flashy trimming, it is best to go for a clutch that is more simplistic to let your dress make the statement. On the other hand, if your dress is more minimalist, you can go a bit fancier with your accessories and clutch bag.


The rule of thumb is depending on how detailed your ball dress is, you should accessorize with your jewellery pieces accordingly. If your dress is more on the detailed side with beading work, embellishments with crystals or faux diamonds, it is best to keep your jewellery accessorizing to a minimum. A singular dainty pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet will work nicely to compliment your ball dress. If you have chosen a more minimalistic style dress, you can go for more flashy and statement jewellery pieces. A jewellery set consisting of a matching pair of diamond encrusted drop earrings and necklace is a timeless and very sophisticated choice. Find out more in The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping  Part 5: Ball Shoes & Accessories edition of this guide about jewellery and accessorizing.



Take the time to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things in preparation for your school ball to ensure you look your absolute best.

Some things to consider is the general health of your hair, nails and skin regime. For example, if you are planning to grow out your hair, have regular trims to ensure your ends are split end free and to promote regular growth. If you want to change your hair color drastically, see and consult a good hair stylist so for their advice. Alternatively, if you are planning on a home hair colour job, it would be best to shop and try the new hair colour out earlier on to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Also if you haven't started already, remember to take good care of your skin by starting with a good facial regime in combination to a sensible and healthy diet. We will discuss more on this in The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping  Part 6: Beauty & Makeup.

Purchase your school ball tickets

Purchase your tickets for yourself and your partner (if you plan to bring a date) now.  You will be busy with many things and don't want to forget about buying your tickets!

Book the limo

If you are planning to arrive to your ball venue in a limo, it is a good idea to discuss with your fellow friends about limo hire. Depending on how big your group is, you can start looking around for a limo charter service. What's also popular and could possibly be less expensive is a party hire bus. This is a great option if you have a larger group or just want more space.

Hair & Makeup Looks

Browse online or through magazines for hair and makeup looks you like for your ball night. For hair, consider the style of your ball dress. For example, if your ball dress is a one shoulder dress style, show off the detailing and the asymmetrical style by having your hair up is better and more flattering. A sweetheart or strapless style ball dress looks great if you choose to have your hair up or down. You can even go in between and have a half up and half down style.

Compliment your makeup look with your chosen hairstyle. Will you go for a subtle and natural looking makeup look or go more daring with a bold and darker look? If you're looking to have a professional do your makeup then at this stage, you would just need to book your date with them to ensure their availability for your required date. If you are planning to do your makeup yourself, you can watch and learn from YouTube or online tutorials and practicing your preferred makeup looks. This will give you plenty of time to experiment. We will go into further details with The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 6: Beauty, Makeup &Hair.



Your ball date/partner's details

Discuss with your partner about matching tie or vest colours if you decide to go with corresponding colour attire. If your date is hiring a suit or tuxedo, you can accompany him to fittings around this time to avoid any last minute rush.

Also order your partner's boutonniere from your local florist and get the details whether it will be delivered or you to pick up.

Finalize your hair and makeup look

Decide on your final hair and makeup look and have a last practice run on the look and style to ensure you have perfected the techniques and look if you are doing your hair and makeup from home. If you wish, you can also have your ball dress on to see what your hair and makeup will look like with your ball dress. To avoid any accidents to your dress, drape a large waterproof cloth around you or wear a robe over the top of your dress.

Make any alterations to your ball dress if necessary

This marks a time where it would be ideal to make any required changes to your ball dress as there is still some time. For example, if you require alterations to your ball dress, go see a tailor now to allow them adequate time to make the necessary changes to your dress. Generally, ball dresses are made quote long so after you have purchased your shoes, you can determine if you need to have your ball dress's hem to be taken up a bit to avoid tripping over or your dress being dragged on the floor. If you have gained or lost a bit of weight and your ball dress now doesn't fit as well as before, a tailor can also fix this problem for you. By giving them at least a month to do alterations will ensure you have a best fitting dress and make the perfect adjustments. More detail will be discussed about the types of alterations that may be required for your dress in The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 3: To Buy Online or In Store?



Get your nails done

The same thing here. If you are planning to get your nails done professionally, keep your eyes peeled a couple of months before your school ball and bag a bargain by purchasing vouchers online to get good prices for nail service and packages.

If you are going to be doing your nails at home, you can leave this task to a day or so before the school ball night to preserve the state of the nail polish.

De-stress and pamper yourself

Pamper yourself and have a home facial or if you’ve got the extra cash, go to the salon. If you keep an eye out on online social sites such as and, you can bag some pretty great deals on facial, massage and pampering packs for under $50! If you purchase these in advance it will ensure you will be able to book the date closer to your school ball night as these offers are highly popular.



Check your date’s boutonniere

You should have already picked up or have had your partner’s boutonniere ready to go and have it sitting in the fridge to preserve the freshness and avoid the flowers from wilting from humidity and warm air.

Lay out your ball dress and accessories

Have your ball dress, shoes, jewellery, clutch and makeup laid out in an easy accessible area for you the following night to avoid the run around.

Relax and unwind

Lastly, remember to take some time for yourself to relax. Read a book, do some light stretches and go to bed early and try to get more sleep to get that radiant glow!

We hope this comprehensive list gives you an overall idea of the ball planning process and will help you prepare for your special ball occasion. Print this guide out and have it somewhere easily accessible to tick off the different stages and have a stress free ball planning few months.

Here at Envious Fashions, we specialize in Perth school ball dresses, jewellery and accessories. Contact us for information on choosing the right ball dress and if you want a dress that has been custom designed and made. We also have beautiful jewellery to compliment your ball dress. We strive to be your one shop stop by providing helpful information on shopping for ball dresses and providing you the convenience of shopping directly with us.

Stay tuned for our upcoming guides of The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping which will cover each stage in more detail and give you the best recommendations of shopping tips and styles.


Stay tuned lovelies!


Cobalt blue is one of the most loved color hues. We published a blog post some time ago last year in our blog How To Wear Cobalt Blue and we've received quite a few customer inquiries about how to wear and style the color.  Cobalt blue is also known as royal blue.

Cobalt blue is a vibrant shade and while some colors may not suit all skin tones, this cool blue is universally flattering making it easy to wear and great to wear day or night. Cobalt blue is a very influential color in the fashion world from the fashion runways, to celebrities and with fashion bloggers. One of the reasons why fashion loves cobalt blue so much is it's value of versatility. It allows you to make a bold statement without making you look like a total attention seeker. You can wear head to toe cobalt blue or add subtle pieces to your look.

Cobalt blue on the runway

cobalt blue runway 2014

Celebrities wearing cobalt blue at red carpet events

cobalt blue dresses celebrities

Cobalt blue street style fashion

cobalt blue street style fashion

how to wear cobalt blue

Shop cobalt blue dresses for a formal, cocktail and casual occasion

cobalt blue dresses buy online

Last but not least, don't forget cobalt blue accessories

cobalt blue accessories

What Colors To Wear With Cobalt Blue

Black & White

Blacks and whites compliment almost every color hue and when you pair either black , white or a combination of both with cobalt blue, the look is super sleek modern chic. For example, a black outfit of nicely fitted and tailored trousers, a sheer black chiffon blouse, black strappy heels and a cobalt blue blazer adds a stunning contrast but looks super sleek. Or an all black outfit with a statement cobalt blue clutch or handbag. Cobalt blue accessories such as a statement necklace also works beautifully against this black or white canvas. The look is just as striking with an all white canvas with pops of cobalt blue accented pieces to make your outfit really stand out.

Color blocking

It was once believed by conserved fashion followers that you shouldn't mix multiple colors in one outfit. How modern fashion has changed the rules of how we style and pair colors! Just because you're wearing one statement color doesn't mean you can't let another bold color enter the equation.  Contrary to belief, cobalt blue looks fabulous paired with other vibrant hues such as coral, tangerine, fuchsia, violet and canary yellow. Not only does cobalt blue work with brights, pastels also look stunning against this hue for a softer look perfect for spring or summer. Try a pastel chiffon cami with cobalt blue jeans or pants and a pair of nude pumps. Accessorize with a thick gold bangle for an effortless chic look that is super feminine.

Pair With Prints & Patterns

Cobalt blue provides a great canvas to showcase off prints and patterns. Pair a horizontal stripe crop top with a high waisted midi skirt with or try a pastel floral top with a pair of cobalt blue skinny jeans teamed with gold accessories, tan shoes and patent clutch for a simple chic look.


Cobalt blue looks ravishing against metallics. Whether you want to make a statement or add a subtle addition of metallics in your look, it works seamlessly and will ensure you look super chic and glam. Try a metallic shine singlet under a cobalt blue leather jacket paired with black skinny jeans or wet look leggings. Also try this look with matte leggings as the wet look and metallic contrasts nicely against a matte background. Finish off with a statement shiny silver cuff, rhinestone hoop earrings and a pair of black booties for a look that works for day or night.

A few last styling tips on cobalt blue;

  • This color looks richer on finer fabrics (such as chiffon, silk) rather than cheaper materials
  • Work in a corporate office?  A midi cobalt blue dress looks super sophisticated for the office. As the cobalt blue is already the statement hue of your outfit, choose understated colors such as nudes and tans for your handbag, heels and accessories, together with nude natural makeup.
  • Add contrast to your outfit with a sharp and bold strike of color with cobalt blue high heels, jewellery, belt, blazer or pair of pants. This adds a great element of bold statement while looking super chic and sophisticated
  • Patent nude pumps or heels with cobalt blue pants or dresses for a polished and effortless look
  • For the more daring fashionistas, leopard print heels and handbag make a great fashion statement
  • The versatility of cobalt blue makes accessorizing your playground. Silver, gold and rose gold jewellery looks stunning against this color hue and works for both casual outfits and formal occasions with cobalt blue ball dresses or prom gowns.
  • If you are working with accented cobalt blue piece (i.e mixing a feature cobalt blue piece such as pants and mixing with classic colors of black, white, greys), wearing several pieces of jewellery looks fab and chic. Why not try stacked silver or gold bracelets?
  • For a more formal occasion with a cobalt blue ball dress, simplicity works best for the occasion. Try a delicate matching earring and necklace set or with silver rhinestone bracelets. Try to not overdo your accessories to let the cobalt blue shine through.

Fashion bloggers cobalt blue stlyle inspiration;

online fashion boutique

Friday 28 March, 2014

After months in work we are ecstatic to announce the launch of our new and exclusive evening dresses and gowns collection. Do you have a special occasion coming up? Whether that be a school ball, prom, cocktail party, black tie event or any formal occasion, you will surely find the perfect the evening dress in our collection.

We first introduced a very small line of evening dresses in early 2012 with the aim to providing beautiful dresses at affordable prices to senior high school girls. School ball costs can accumulate and get quite expensive at the end of it all whilst also being a stressful time for the girls themselves as well as their guardians and mothers. The search for that perfect evening dress for the school ball is a tough enough task as it is and then there is the added accountability of budget.  We empathise with that feeling when you find that OMG-I-must-have-that-dress and then flip the tag to reveal a price that makes your heart sink instantaneously. Yet you wouldn't want to settle for a dress that you feel so-so about but within your budget.

Our 2012 Collection

Our 2012 Evening Dresses Range

So we made it our mission to bring out a line of evening dresses that are stunning in design with the most superior craftsmanship and importantly, at highly affordable prices. The one thing we are super proud about is the involvement with every vendor throughout the whole manufacturing process of these evening dresses. We wanted each and every one of our evening dresses to be special and unique. The chiffon materials were sourced from only the finest fabric merchants to ensure the final evening dress product would be of impeccable quality. We worked with our designers and dress makers closely to bring the conceptualization of the evening dresses to life. The special part about these gorgeous evening dresses is that it was handmade with all sequins, jewels and embellishments, painstakingly done by hand! A lot of love went into the creation of each and every evening gown.

These evening dresses are made exclusive to Envious Fashions so you will not find them at any other store.  So the great thing to come out of this is you know that once you have purchased the dress it will be entirely privileged you.

These evening dresses are the perfect pick for school balls, school proms, cocktail events, formal occasions or even for bridesmaids.

Preview of our 2014 Collection

evening dresses and ball gowns for school balls

We accept custom orders to your desired color and size for any of the evening dresses in our collection. So whether you want to have that perfect evening dress for your school ball or require multiple colors and sizes for your bridesmaid we can help you with this. Please contact us via email on or call us on 0431 272 522 to speak to our friendly staff.

envious fashions online fashion boutique

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