Thursday 13th October, 2016

Shopping for your ball dress can be an exciting thought but may leave you feeling frustrated, stressed and perhaps drive you a little crazy. Being prepared by shopping in the right time frame and having a good idea of what to expect can really help.

Ball dresses shopping tips;

1. Research - Think about the basics of your perfect ball dress. What colour is it? What style is it? Is it simple and elegant ordo you want something that will make a statement? Is it fitted or a flowy formal dress type? By have a good idea of what you’re after will make the searching process for your ball dress much easier and more likely the one you want. Why? Because ball dress shopping can be and get quite overwhelming. When there are so many styles and varieties to look at and consider, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options.

ball dress shopping tips

Do some preliminary research online to get an idea of what’s on trend, styles that you may like and know the price range of the formal/evening dresses you like and/or are considering. If these styles correlate with your allowable ball gowns budget then that’s great. If not, perhaps consider alternative styles to help with the cost or explore a few other methods such as taking on a few extra work hours or saving more so it can go towards getting your dream ball dress gown.

2. Ask for help/advice – Don’t be shy, ask for a professional’s input as they might provide some valuable feedback and suggestions that you may not be aware of or have thought of. A knowledgeable salesperson can definitely help in making your ball dress shopping a lot easier and point you in the right direction. They can help provide you with options as to what suits your body shape, skin tone, fit and budget. Come in store with an open mind will open up many options and variations of what you may have originally thought. Take on board the sale consultant’s advice and you’re on your way to find that perfect formal, evening or ball dress that will look stunning on you and a price tag you’re happy with. 

3. Bring as few people along as possible – Bringing along 10 friends to go ball shopping isn’t ideal. That is because the more people you bring, the more there will be a difference in opinions which may leave you quite overwhelmed. One friend may like a particular style, another may suggest a different design on you, another may say a particular colour looks nice on you…with all these suggestions and opinions put forward to you it’s hard to keep a straight thinking as to what YOU really want and like.

We wish you the best of luck in finding that perfect ball dress for your special occasion and if you require any help in choosing formal gowns, feel free to get in contact with us today or start browsing online at our collection of ball dresses, formal dresses, evening gowns and prom dresses that are in stock or pre-orders here.

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