Th Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 4: FINDING THE BEST BRA FOR YOUR BALL DRESS

Thursday 5th February, 2015


So, you've found your dream formal dress. Great work! As important as finding the perfect formal dress it is also just as important to find undergarments that look good with your formal gown. You wouldn't want to ruin a beautiful evening dress with unsightly and unattractive underwear would you? Probably not. The next step is to search for the most suitable undergarments including a well fitting bra and underwear to go with your dress. A regular everyday bra is not likely not suitable for wear with your ball gown so you will need to spend some time to shop for a bra that not only looks great with your ball dress but also one that you will be comfortable wearing for the duration of the night.

Ball dresses come in a variety of different necklines; strapless, halter neck, spaghetti straps, plunge neckline, backless, one shoulders etc. One of the most versatile bras is the strapless bra. This goes well with all the aforementioned formal dress types except for backless styles. In this case, we bring to your attention the modern version of the strapless bra: the stick on push up bra.

ball dresses styles necklines

We highly recommend this adhesive push up bra for its versatility to be worn with almost any style of evening gown.

adhesive push up bras

Get the stick on push up bras $25.00 (pre-orders)

Here are some great features of the stick on push up bra;

stick on push up bra

  • Strapless: suitable to wear with any ball dress style that requires bra straps to be hidden (i.e halter neck, sweetheart neckline, asymmetrical styles).
  • Backless: The wing extends to either sides of the body whilst leaving the back bare, being perfect for a backless ball gown.
  • Seamless: Discreet and blends effortlessly under your dress with no visibility of outlines.
  • Ultra lightweight: Weighing in at only a super light 60g, the stick on push up bra is much lighter (therefore does not weigh you down) and more comfortable to wear than the traditional silicon adhesive bras.
  • Built in support: Built in underwire provides additional support, even for girls with a bigger chest.
  • Flattering balconette bra half cups: The ultimate flattering bra cup style that suits almost every bust size whilst providing support.
  • Light padding: For that extra push up oomph to create a sexy and alluring cleavage.
  • Washable & reusable: Easily hand washable with just warm water and soap. Leave to air dry and the adhesive will regenerate itself to be used again. This bra can last up to 50 uses.
  • Hypoallergenic* adhesive: This adhesive push up stick on bra is made from breathable cotton and spandex material that does not irritate skin and stays on all day.**

Another convenient and versatile option is silicone nipple pasties. While these don’t typically offer a lot of support, they are great if your ball dress already offers the support of padded cups. The silicone nipple covers come in handy to prevent any accidental nip slip flash. Small, lightweight and discreet, the nipple pasties are ideal if you don’t want the extra bulk of wearing a bra under your dress if it has in built bra cups or padding. 

silicone nipple covers

Get the silicone nipple pasties for $6.95 (available online now)

Lastly, while panties may not play as big of a factor as a well-fitting and comfortable bra, it is important to choose one that will be invisible under your ball dress. Too tight undies can cause unflattering lumps and bulges through which may be detectible through your dress. Opt for a pair of seamless skin coloured underwear that goes well with any ball gown style and colour. Not only are seamless undies great to hide visible panty lines. A highly versatile and comfortable option, seamless undies come in a range of style such as high cut, bikini cut and G-string.

While on the topic of choosing the right underwear, there has been an increase in the interest of creating a sexy silhouette from behind. Traditionally girls wanted to enhance their cleavage but with the emergence of interest in a full and perky behind has created a series of inquiries about how to get a great butt like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and J.Lo.

* Not recommended for people with super sensitive skin or worn on broken or sunburnt skin.

** Under normal wear


Want to buy?

All the products mentioned above are available at Envious Fashions.

  1. Stick on push up bra available on pre-order for $25.00 and is available in two colours; black or beige. Contact us via email or the product page here to place your order.
  2. Silicone nipple pasties available online for $6.95.
  3. Padded booty enhancing panties available online for $25.00 and is available in two colours; black or beige. The panties also come in a range of cuts including regular panties, high waisted and Brazilian bikini style.

This concludes Part 4 of our school ball shopping guide in finding the best bra for your ball dress. Next up in our Part 5 guide looks at shopping for your ball shoes and accessories.

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