Th Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping Part 5: BALL SHOES & ACCESSORIES

Thursday 12th February, 2015


Ball Shoes

Buying your school ball shoes is probably a more exciting experience than buying a new pair of shoes on a normal occasion. School ball shoes can be as fancy or as conventional as you like.

The ideal time to buy your school ball shoes depends on how certain you are of the type of shoes you want and the ball dress style and colour you will purchase. If you decide to buy your ball shoes first, it is great because you can bring your shoes along to your fittings of your ball dress. If you want to wait until after you have picked your ball gown and then buy your shoes, this is perfectly fine too. This second option allows for you buy your shoes according to your dress and match perfectly.

When shopping for your ball shoes, look for stylishness AND comfort. There is no point buying that fabulous pair of high heels but it becomes and absolute nightmore to walk in and gives you excruciating blisters and pains. Look for shoes that you can move around freely and comfortably in. If you think you will be out on the dancefloor a lot, also keep this in mind on the comfort factor with your shoe choices. Also consider the height of the ball shoes you will buy. Some girls may be quite comfortable with towering stiletto high heels but if you're not into that, a modest lower heel of about 4-5cm will be much more comfortable. 


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Ball shoes tips;

  • As a general rule, choose shoes that are either the same tone or darker than your ball dress.
  • While black shoes/heels are a great choice for darker coloured ball gowns, it may not be the best choice for lighter coloured or pastel ball dresses. Best colour options for these lighter dresses, consider gold, silver or nude coloured shoes.
  • If you dress is on the rather fancy side with an intricate design, lots of sequins, beading, embellishments or embroidery, it is best to stick to simplistic ball shoes such as sling backs or open toed pumps. If your   dress is on the simplistic side and is of a shorter length, play up your look with ball shoes that have more straps and detailing such as rhinestones, diamantes or motifs.
  • If you're not a regular high heel shoe wearer, practice wearing your ball shoes a week or so before your school ball day. This will give you an indication of how comfortable you will be in your shoes and give you time to get accustomed to the fit and wear. Closer to the day, you may also like to consider wearing your full ball attire of your ball dress and shoes together as a trial fitting.
  • Lastly, if you are opting for open toed shoes, don't forget about getting a pedicure! You can choose to match your toe polish to your ball dress or shoes. The traditional French manicure is always timeless and sophisticated so that is always a fail proof option. If you are planning to doing the pedicure yourself, make sure to do it a couple of days earlier to ensure there is no rush and your polish is streak smudge free!

Ball Jewellery & Accessories

When choosing your jewellery and accessories to go with your ball dress, always ensure that it is coordinated well to compliment your gown. When picking jewellery, head pieces and clutches, ensure that the gemstones, diamantes, crystals and embellishments are of the same sheen when coordinating the overall look. If your dress is on the simplistic side with little or no sparkling details, you are pretty open to choose any sheen to go with your dress. However, if your dress is of a specific colour, consider matching the same sheen such as gold with gold, silver with silver etc. Gold tones compliment coloured dresses while silver brings out pastel colours beautifully.

Earrings & Necklaces

The style of earrings are pretty much endless however it depends on your hairstyle and the adornments from the neckline of your ball dress. If you have a lot of embroideries and detailing from your neckline and shoulder regon, it is better to opt for some more dainty and delicate earring styles. On the opposing hand, if the top of your ball dres is strapless or a sweetheart neckline with minimal details, you are more flexible to go for larger, sparkly and statement kind of earring designs.

Another thing to consider when choosing earrings is how you will be styling your hair. You don't want your hairstyle and earrings to be competiting with one another for the spotlight. The aim is to seamlessly compliment your hair with your earrings and ultimately, your dress. For example. if you are going for a volumous hairstyle it is best to stick to a pair of earrings that is dazzling but more on the simple side. If you are going for a classic and simple updo hairstyle, a flashier pair of earrings can work. You should also consider the colours of the earrings you choose. This also comes down to your dress colour and style. If your dress is within the neutral palette picking earrings with coloured jewels and gems will bring out the neutral tones of the dress nicely. On the other hand, if your dress is coloured go for earrings that are of the same tones to balance and complimejnt the overall colour scheme.

Again, picking a necklace will depend on how much details you have on your ball dress. The rule of thumb to go by is balance. Pick a necklace with size and length that compliments your hairstyle and ball dress. Generally, short jewelled necklaces work with most strapless or sweetheart neckline ball dresses. For dresses with deeper or plunge necklines, longer necklaces help enhance the flow and look of the dress.

Strapless, sweetheart and strappy style ball gowns are commonly the popular dress choices so a shorter and glitzy necklace works very well to enhance the look of the dress. Depending on how much detailing there is on your ball dress, a classic and very versatile choice together are jewellery sets which compromise of matching earrings and necklace. It makes the process of process of choosing the two jewelleries very easy while providing a synchronized look of matching earrings and necklaces. For the strapless, sweetheart and strappy style ball gowns, the earrings and necklace sets work to balance your overall look very nicely.


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Bracelets & Rings

Bracelets and rings are a suitable addition to your look if you aren't opting for necklaces and earrings. Again, the key is balance so it is recommended to either go for earrings and necklcaes or the other option of bracelets and rings. You can also go the route of having a combination of necklace andbracelet or necklace, bracelet and ring if the mix of jewellery pieces are dainty and works well with the overall look of your dress. Remember if you are going to pick a "heavy" piece of jewellery; let's say, a very detailed necklace with lots of jewels and stones it would work best for your look to opt for a delicate bracelet and/or ring. Another thing to keep in mind is a corsage you may be wearing from your date. If so, you may want to reconsider wearing a bracelet at all.

Remember to keep your choice of rings delicate to create harmony against your overall look i fyou choose to go more statement jewellery pieces with necklaces and bracelets. Small, dainty double rings or jewelled rings look quite glam if chosen correctly. Silver diamante or rhinestone encrusted rings are always flattering, timeless and feminine.



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Evening Clutch

The final touch to your ball dress is the evening clutch. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes from the classic rectangular to the small and compact oval styles. Most evening clutches come with some sort of embellishments such as gemstones, rhinestones, diamantes, crystals or some combination of these.

The choice of clutch bags will also depend on how you have decided to accessorize with your jewellery and also your dress detailing. Compliment your entire look by matching your clutch bag to the tone of your jewelleries or ball dress.


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You're almost there to completing the journey of shopping for your school ball! Next and in our last part series of The Ultimate Guide To Ball Dress Shopping is Part 6: Beauty & Makeup.

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