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Choosing the perfect style and fit wedding dress is always a challenge and the task doesn’t get any easier if you fall in the plus size category. We hear from countless bride customers that being a plus size means that they aren’t able to just walk into a store and try a wedding dress that may catch their eye because the store doesn’t stock their size. Even if the store did, the wedding dress would somehow not fit properly in certain areas and fit ok in others body areas. For whatever plus size stock was available, the designs and fabrics were rather “daggy” and not very flattering or near as beautiful as the standard size wedding gowns.

Many brides come to us concerned about their size and not being able to find their dream wedding dress that will make them look beautiful as well as feel comfortable. Our first message that we relay to plus size customers is that it’s not the size that should be the main focus in finding the perfect wedding dress. At the end of the day, it is just a number on a tag on the inside of the wedding dress.

The main focus should be on your body shape and finding what is the best wedding dress style that suits your body to highlight your best curves and conceal the parts that are not. We believe by sitting down and discussing with you to find what you like and then working together to design a style to suit and flatter your specific shape is the best way. With our custom made wedding dress service, it isn’t about size; we just work to make that beautiful wedding gown to your measurement. So no matter what age, size or shape you are, a custom made wedding dress is the best way to get you a truly unique and flattering wedding dress for your special day.  

Every bride wants to look and feel their absolute best on their special day and their wedding dress plays an important role as to the bride’s feelings. Here at Envious fashions, we welcome plus size brides and we specialize in creating a unique and one of a kind wedding gown to suit each individual bride in her taste, style and body shape to perfectly capture her essence, beauty and individualism.

We can make an array of different bridal dress styles, so whether you’re after a boho style, vintage style, classic Hollywood elegance or something more modern, we can help you create that dream custom made wedding gown. Some brides-to-be feel like it’s their first priority and obligation to know exactly what they want.  If you do, that’s great. If not, that’s nothing to fret about either. This is the fabulous aspect about a custom made wedding dress. We can work together to find out what you do and don’t like, put all the details together to come up with your unique and beautiful custom made wedding gown. Once we’ve hashed out the style details and you’re happy with the design, your measurements will be taken to ensure your custom bridal gown fits you perfectly from every curve and angle.

So how does the custom made wedding dress process work? We know that planning a wedding, going dress shopping for your dream wedding gown is tough work so we don’t want to put any more undue stress on you so we make our custom made process as easy and seamless as possible so it’s one less thing you have to worry about and also enjoy the development of your dream wedding dress being made. After all, the wedding dress plays a big part in your wedding and designing (custom made) it is part of the whole experience!  

With our custom made and order wedding dresses are as simple as 4 very simple steps;

  1. Work out your wedding dress budget
  2. Contact us for a price quote
  3. If you're happy to go ahead, book a bridal consultation appointment with us
  4. Gather several different styles of wedding dresses you like

That’s it! We will take care of the rest from here. You can sit back and relax and not worry about looking and shopping around for your wedding dress

Read in detail here of the above steps for your custom made wedding dress.

Pictured here are a few styles that are very flattering for plus size brides. Get in contact with us for a chat about the style of dress that is best suited for your body and discuss the different options available. We’d love to help you create and make your beautifully unique wedding dress.

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