The Jewelry Edit: Necklace & Earring Set For Bridemaids

Jewelry sets are the perfect coordinating jewelry and accessorizing items to match your special occasion dress. Jewelry necklace and earrings sets take the hassle out of finding separate jewelry pieces that match and by choosing these formal sets, you can be sure it will compliment your dress perfectly without all the hassle.

We currently have a limited edition line of matching necklace and earrings sets that are suitable for weddings (brides and bridesmaids), formal events, special occasions, school balls, proms and even for evening wear.

Our jewelry sets feature dazzling crystal rhinestones that glisten and shine beautifully in both natural and party lights. Whether you like a simplistic design or want a set that makes a statement, browse the collection of jewelry sets to match your dress.

Looking for something classic and sophisticated?

This "Timeless Beauty" jewelry set, $29.95.


"Simple Beauty" rhinestone necklace set, $29.95


rhinestone necklace set



If you want something more glamorous and make a statement, check out these dazzling necklace and earring jewelry sets.

The "Hollywood Beauty" bridal necklace & earring set, $49.95

Bridal and formal jewelry set

"Royal Beauty" Formal Jewelry Set, $49.95

Formal jewelry set

"Exquisite Beauty" Wedding Necklace & Earring Set, $39.95

wedding necklace & earring set

"Classic Beauty" Formal Diamond Necklace Set, $34.95

Formal Diamond Necklace Set

"Romantic Beauty" Wedding Necklace Set, $29.95

wedding necklace set

Grab these stunning LIMITED EDITION jewelry set for your next special occasion. Compliment your evening gowns/bridal dresses with these featured sets.

Click on the product images below to shop now!

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