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Turquoise is a hugely popular and favored colour for any formal occasion. Turquoise is a blend of blue and green which is a "cool" colour and range from sky blue, tiffany blue to the dark and more dramatic turquoise shades. Turquoise formal dresses are widely chosen for formal events, school balls, proms and bridesmaids dresses. Different shades of turquoises work for different seasons of the year. For example, for the summer months, lighter hues of turquoise and deeper shades of turquoise works well for the winter months.

The broad spectrum of turquoise shades suits many skin colours and tones; fair and white to olive skinned to tanned skin. Furthermore, turquoise evening dresses are versatile with jewellery and accessories that go well with the colour.

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What jewellery matches a turquoise evening dress?

  • If your turquoise evening dress already has medium to heavy beading and embellishments, it is best to stick to minimalistic jewellery such as a pair of stud or thin drop earrings or a bracelet. You don't want a mass of jewellery to take away the attention of your gorgeous turquoise dress. Choose one piece of statement jewellery only, wear a pair of earrings or bracelet - never both together.
  • For formal occasions such as school balls, proms and wedding, jewellery to go with your turquoise prom dress should be understated and elegant. The best colours that match turquoise dresses would be gold, silver or ivory in a delicate design. For these types of formal occasions, you can either match your jewellery with your dress's beading or embellishments. For example, if your formal dress has rhinestone embellishments, you can opt to match the same beading to your jewellery pick of rhinestone stud earrings, bracelet or necklace. This will coordinate your look nicely as there are no mismatched look of different beading and stones with the dress and your jewellery.

What evening bag goes with a turquoise formal dress?

A small clutch bag either in a solid neutral colour or with beading and embellishments also in a neutral colour will look amazing with a turquoise formal dress. Silvers, golds, beige or cream coloured clutches will be highly suitable. Try to match your clutch bag with the colour of your jewellery as this will create an overall coordinated and well matched look. If you have decided on accessorizing with silver rhinestone necklace/earring or bracelet, a silver rhinestone clutch would look fabulous with your look.

What shoes to suit a turquoise formal gown?

Again, the look works best to match your shoes to your jewellery and accessories. Whether you choose to wear flats or heels to your ocassion, your shoes should ideally flow with the theme of your dress (for example, if you opt for silver jewellery and accessories or have silver accents and embellishments on your formal dress, your shoes should match this colour scheme). Strappy heels and peep toe heels in the colour of choice are very popular with formal and ball dresses for it's feminine and delicate look.

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Each of our  formal dresses in our 2016/17 collection have been designed by Envious Fashions and each has been handmade by our experienced dressmakers. Beadings, rhinestones and embellishments on the formal dresses have been hand sewn on and taken many many hours of diligent work.

When you purchase our formal dresses, you know that the formal gown you walk out with will be unique to you as there is only 1 made in the design and colour making the dress a very special dress for your special occasion. Our formal gowns are also a fabulous choice for your bridal party; elegant and unique bridesmaids dresses. If you love the styyle but prefer a different colour and size, contact us and we can help you further.

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