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Some people stay away from specific colours and some people have a preference for certain colours as they feel it suits their complexions better.

Did you know there are several colours that suit all skin tones? Once you know what these colours are, this will ensure no matter what clothing item you wear, you will always look fabulous. This will also make your shopping easier as you can look specifically for these colours.

The first universally flattering colour that suits all skin tones is cobalt blue.

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Cobalt blue is a very vivid and striking colour that speaks for itself in making a statement and is often a very popular colour for evening and formal dresses. Cobalt blue looks amazing on all styles of evening gowns and materials, particularly chiffon and satin as it brings out the true depths of this amazing colour. If you’re thinking about picking your next ball dress, evening gown or formal dress in a cobalt blue, here are a few styling tips to consider;

  • Go for neutral colours such as nude, black or vibrant neutrals such as gold or silver shoes with your cobalt blue evening dress.
  • Nude is one of the most paired shades to pair with cobalt blue as it perfectly compliments the cobalt blue hue. So you can opt for nude handbag or shoes.
  • Black is another suitable colour to pair with cobalt blue, emitting an elegant and classic look.

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You can read more about styling colours with cobalt blue here in our past blog post on how to wear cobalt blue.

In the meantime, here is some cobalt blue inspiration of how amazing the colour looks on evening gowns and why you should consider this colour to wear to your next special occasion.

cobalt blue evening gowns

Want to get a special dress made in cobalt blue? Have a particular dress style you want to make in this colour? No problems! Contact us and we can help you further. Now that we have it down that cobalt blue suits you, it’s a matter of finding the right dress style to best compliment your body shape and then you will have the perfect formal dress to making you look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

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