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The third colour to be featured in our universally flattering colours part series is the stunning magenta. Magenta evening dresses look amazing on every skin tone and colour. Magenta is a striking intense hue that is a combination of pink and purple and is a fantastic choice if you’re undecided about whether you want to go for team pink or team purple. Magenta is belong to the purple colour family and is a jewel tone that compliments gold jewellery and accessories perfectly.

magenta evening dresses

As magenta is a powerful colour, it is best to keep the design and style of the evening gown to a more simplistic design; consider a flattering silhouette with minimal beading and embellishments. Too many detailing creates an overwhelming look so it’s best to only have accents if you really want to include embellishments, this will allow for this magnificent colour to make maximum impact. However, if you’re going for absolute drama and eye catching then of course, include the detailing and embellishments. As mentioned earlier, gold jewellery and accessories go fabulously well with magenta evening gowns however keep as minimal as possible.

Take note from fellow celebrities such as Adriana Lima and Vanessa Hudgens with their gorgeous magenta gowns and note how their jewelleries and accessories are kept to a minimum, almost the “barely” there accessorizing style.

celebrity red carpet magenta evening dresses

Magenta looks amazing on soft cascading and floaty style formal and evening gowns made from chiffon. The chiffon fabric is soft and drapes beautifully to flow from the body to create a waterfall like look and effect. Evening dresses made in satin material also showcase and amplify magenta’s beautiful jewel tone.  The last piece of advice we’d like to share with you is to also consider your body shape when choosing the fabric type. If you’re petite, you can help accentuate your curves in a fitted styled evening dress; a mermaid style magenta evening gown in satin will look amazing. If you’re a curvier girl, a soft, floaty chiffon evening gown will help create a flattering silhouette.

Don’t be afraid to choose this fabulously feminine and trendy colour for your next formal evening gown. It’s a stunning colour that will flatter you and make quite a lot of heads turn!

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If you’re thinking of getting a special, custom made evening dress in magenta, contact us to discuss the details of the dress you have in mind and let us help you bring that dress to life! We can help you in picking a formal evening gown style that will best suit your figure, hide any flaws and highlight your best features. Get in touch with us today and we’d love to help you with your gorgeous custom made dress.

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