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We know many ladies, of all ages and ethnic groups will agree that navy blue is a sleek, chic, elegant and super timeless colour. It’s a totally fail proof colour and looks amazing on in all styles of dresses and suitable for any occasion. That’s why navy blue evening gowns are one of our bestselling colours and also the most requested stocked colour for evening dresses.

navy blue evening dresses

There are a variety of shades in navy blue with a true navy blue being a very dark shade of blue, almost black. Did you know that the term “navy blue” originated from the colours of the uniforms the British naval officers wore?

Navy blue is one of the fashion neutral colours meaning that it can be worn and compliments any other colour. It’s a great base colour for mixing and matching with other colours, giving you plenty of options to style your look. The versatility of navy blue evening dresses combined with the fact that it is also a very slimming colour often makes it a go to colour for many ladies. Navy formal dresses are also less harsh than black so it’s a great colour choice for the ladies that feel black washes them out. Furthermore, navy gowns are the perfect choice when black is not deemed “appropriate” for some occasions or simply you just don’t want to go so dark with black evening dresses.

celebrity navy evening dresses

If you have a navy blue evening dress and wondering how to accessorizing with this colour, your choices are pretty much endless! You can add as much impact or keep it subtle when accessorizing with navy as the canvas to work off. If you’re going for a dramatic look, experiment with larger, chunky and/or coloured jewellery and accessories or a pair of statement coloured shoes and evening clutch. For example, try a jewelled tone pendant necklace with either matching earrings or bracelet to make your look really pop against the navy blue gown. If you prefer a timeless and chic look, opt for classic silver jewellery and accessories to go with your navy blue evening dress. A sparkly silver diamond jewellery set; necklace, earrings and/or bracelet will ensure your look is undeniably the epitome of elegance and classiness.

Navy blue evening gowns are one of our most popular and bestselling colours so if you’re looking for a navy blue formal dress for your next school ball, prom or special occasion, we can help you find something to perfectly suit you. We have a range of stunning off the rack navy blue dresses (available on pre-order) or you can order a specially made navy gown to suit your measurements. All you have to do is show us a photo of the dress style you want, we will discuss the details of the dress with you, take your measurements and we will do the rest from there. Get in contact with us today and we’d be glad to help you find or make your perfect navy blue evening gown! Check out our navy blue evening dresses and gowns in stock now below.

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