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Purple is an amazing colour for evening dresses and gowns. The right shade of purple evening dress will exude a royal and classy look. There are many different shades of purple and finding the best shade to suit your skin tone will ensure you look your best in your chosen gown. However many ladies stay away from purple because they’re not sure which shade looks good on them or if they are able to pull off the colour correctly. Follow our tips below to finding the most suitable shade of purple evening dresses for you and how to style and accessorize with your dress.

purple evening dresses

  • If you are very pale, steer clear of pastel and light purples as this may make you appear washed out. Go for darker shades of purples, better yet, the darkest shade of purple that you are willing to pick and this will ensure your light skin will contrast nicely against darker shade of purple.
  • If you have medium or olive toned skin, brighter and vivid shades of purples will suit you well. Purples in shiny fabrics such as satin and shiny polyester will also enhance the purple hue and compliment against your skin tone.
  • For the dark skinned ladies, pastel or light purples look fabulous against your darker skin canvas. Like the medium and olive skinned ladies, you will also look fabulous in bright and vivid purple shades.
  • Depending on the shade of purple evening gown you pick, there are many different combinations of colours that compliment with the purple. For example, dark purples go well with black. Avoid pairing lilacs and lighter purples with black as this “cheapens” the look because of the harsh colour contrast.
  • Purple and gold is also a very flattering colour combination. You can go for a purple evening dress canvas and have gold accents on the dress to really make the purple pop. The most flattering way to combine these two colours together is to have minimal gold. You can achieve this by picking a purple evening gown with gold sequins, embellishments, beading or accessorize with gold jewellery and/or accessories.
  • Purple and blue go well together because purple is made from blue, hence complement each other nicely. Choosing a dress with these two colour combinations will exude a fun and fresh look that will make a chic statement.
  • Purple and yellow seems like a clashing colour combination but it can make for a stunning purple evening gown!  However, a word of caution is to pick the right shade of purple and yellow together to create a flattering look. For example, a deep or dark shade of purple will look sophisticated with accents or small sash or belt in a pastel or pale yellow.
  • One of the most flattering and universal purple shade is eggplant. This is considered the “perfect purple” and most versatile because it suits every skin tone.

eggplant formal dresses

Purple evening dresses are one of those colours that aren’t chosen as much for formal occasions as some may deem that it’s not elegant enough or the colour is too loud. Don’t be afraid to choose purple evening gowns. It’s just a matter of knowing which purple shade will best suit you and you will look ravishing from there! If you’d like to know more about purple and thinking of getting a purple formal dress for your next special occasion, talk to us and we can help you find or make you a custom beautiful purple formal gown for your next event. We can even help you decide on a style that flatters your body shape, pick out a purple shade to best suit you and make the dress to your measurements. Contact us today to find or make that purple evening dress especially for you!

eggplant purple evening gowns

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