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Ahh…teal evening dresses are just so magical, elegant and so timelessly beautiful. Teal is a jewel tone, being in between green and blue.  The colour is simply majestic and can really make a statement while being very versatile. There are also many shades of teal evening gowns and as a result, some people have said that it’s “impossible” to match shoes and accessories to their teal formal dress or know which shade is best suited to them.

teal evening dresses

Unbeknown to many, teal is a universally flattering colour! In our opinion, teal evening gowns are one of the most gorgeous colours and easily styled colours for women of any age, skin tone and body shape. Let’s explore a little further why this colour is just so amazing.

(1) Compliments any skin tone: This stunning jewel tone colour looks fabulous on all skin tones. For fair skinned women, a mid or dark teal will contrast against the light skin tone beautifully. Yellow and olive skinned ladies will look lovely against a light to mid tone teal and for the darker skinned ladies, a metallic or shimmery teal tone will be absolutely dazzling.

(2) Appropriate for young, middle and mature ages: The fabulous thing about teal evening gowns is that it doesn’t discriminate age groups! Whether it’s for a young lady, middle aged or mature aged woman, teals look lovely. The only thing to really consider is the style and cut of the evening gown to ensure it is the most flattering fit and style. For the younger ladies, the metallic and vibrant teals are often most flattering and the mid to darker teals are elegant and classy for the middle and mature age groups.

(3) Flattering colour on all body shapes: There are so many different tones of teal, there will be at least a few tones that you will love. As with all colours, the darker you go, the more it is concealing to certain areas or body parts. This is why darker hues are preferred for some people who want to cover “problem areas” and shift the focus to another area. For example, if you feel that you want to divert attention away from your mid-section, opt for a darker shade of teal with some pleating at the waist and in a dress style that is flowy to draw the eyes downwards that creates an elongated look.

The next thing we’ll explore is what colours compliment a teal formal dress. Many people are uncertain about what shoes, clutch, jewellery and accessories to pair with teal.

The answer? Almost all colours! Popular colours that are often paired with teal are gray/silver, gold and violet are fail proof options. Teal, being a jewel tone is best complimented by neutral colours, complimentary colours or other cool colours. If you’re still unsure as to what colours work best with teal, our tip is to refer to the colour wheel. The colours that are directly opposite to each other are referred to as complementary colours. Teal on the colour wheel sits opposite to red-orange which contrasts well against each other; therefore, the two colours compliment each other very well. Another way to determine a colour will work together is to identify the colours that are nearby on either side of teal on the colour wheel. These colours are called analogue colours. For example, teal works well with blue-green, blue, blue-violet and violet because these are all cool colours.

Further tips on wearing teal;

  • Bright colours such as shades of oranges, orange-reds look fabulous paired with teal
  • Greys and blacks work with teals; a fail proof option. This can either be a clutch, shoes, belt or any accessory to go with your teal evening gown
  • Try metallic jewellery to go with your teal evening dress. As teal is a jewel tone and cool colour, it works perfectly with golds, bronze and silver jewellery and accessories
  • Try mixing teal with teal. For example, if our formal dress is a dark teal, a lighter coloured teal piece of jewellery or accessory will contrast against your gown beautifully

Let us help you find your perfect teal evening dress for your next special occasion. Whether you want something off the rack or consider getting a custom design to stand out from the rest, perfectly fit your body and suit your style, we can make that happen for you!

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and check out our colour charts for amazing teal colours that we can bring to life for you. Email or call us today and we’d be happy to help!

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