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This fabulous colour looks truly amazing on everyone. Stone evening dresses are a cross between beige and grey. Stone colour is a neutral shade and looks fabulous for formal and special occasions because of it’s elegance and sophistication. This colour is also highly versatile and looks great for every formal event. Another reason why this colour is so fantastic is the fact that it makes you look effortless glam. It’s like black…but on the lighter hue side.

stone colour evening dresses

Some tips to wearing stone coloured evening gowns;

  • There are many shades of stone coloured formal dresses so it comes down to your pick of the shade. If you have fair/light skin, a mid to dark coloured stone colour will look beautiful against your fairness.
  • If you have medium/olive skin colour, you pretty much have a wonderful choice of picking from lighter or darker shades of stone. Whether you choose to go light or dark coloured stone, it will compliment your skin tone perfectly.
  • For the ladies that have dark skin, lighter shades of stone will definitely contrast against your skin the most but mid to dark coloured stone will also look amazing against your skin colour.
  • One of the best fabrics/materials for a stone coloured formal dress is something that is soft, delicate and floaty. Chiffon materials work best with this colour as it carries the tone best in terms of being classically elegant and feminine.
  • Being a neutral tone, you can pick from lots of different jewellery and accessory colour combinations. Classic choices include gold or silver jewellery, depending on the shade of stone you pick. For example, for lighter coloured stone evening dresses, gold jewellery will look lovely with the colour combination. For mid to darker stone colours, gold compliments the dress nicely.
  • If you’re up for it, try a jewel tone jewellery item for the necklace, earrings or bracelet. The pop of colour will contrast and look striking against your stone coloured evening gown.
  • This is fabulous colour choice if you’re undecided as to whether you want to go for a lighter or darker tone with your evening dress.
  • This colour is versatile for so many occasions so you can switch out different jewellery and accessory items to accommodate for the special event.

If you’d like help in picking out a perfect stone coloured evening dress for your next special occasion, we can help you with that! We can custom make stone coloured evening dresses in a style that you want, made to your measurements and of course, all the trimmings and embellishments as you require. Drop us an email or phone us on 0431 273 522 to discuss your requirements.

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