Monday 10th October, 2016

Are you tired of seeing the same evening/formal/ball dresses over and over at the stores or online? At Envious fashions we aim to be distinguishable by offering a range of beautiful custom, handmade ball dresses and gowns that are beautifully unique and with only one made in each style. This avoids the whole “OMG she’s wearing the same dress as me!” scenario at school balls or formal events. We also offer many on trend ball dress styles such as two pieces, short prom dresses and more.

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Envious Fashions caters to a wide customer base to meet the different needs. So whether you’re petite or plus size, want a different style ball dress, a show stopper, an outstanding formal gown, we are sure we can help you find your perfect evening formal dress.

We have a stunning range of long formal dresses 2017 in many styles such as lace dresses, mermaid dresses, long sleeve formal dresses, sexy prom dresses and so much more. The formal wear dresses come in amazing colours and fabrics and we’re confident you will find a dress you love.

blue formal dresses

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Shopping for your school ball dress can be very exciting but can get quite overwhelming at some point. There seems to be so many choices to narrow down, from the style to the colour to the availability and price range. 

We often get customers asking us for help with their search for their formal dresses but not sure what they really want. This makes the searching process a little complicated in the sense that the availability of choices may leave the customer overwhelmed and confused as to what they really like. At Envious Fashions we first like to establish some background information by asking you a few basic questions to lay down the foundation of what the customer roughly has in mind, and then we filter through certain elements to provide suggestions and recommendations to help find the perfect formal dress.

blue formal dresses

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A few tips to help you start looking for your dream all gown;

  • Do you have a particular formal dress style you like?
  • Do you have a colour preference for your ball dress?
  • Is there a neckline that you prefer?
  • Do you like a simple style evening dress or prefer something with bling and embellishments?
  • Do you have a ball dress price budget?

turquoise ball dresses

pink formal dresses

Not all evening/formal/ball dresses and gowns are currently listed on our website as our range is quite large so does take some time to upload (please bear with us!) so in the meantime, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email with your requirements and we’d be happy to help you look for your perfect ball dress or formal gown.

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