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This is a question we get asked a lot and we thought we’d share it with our new customers and readers to give an understanding on why formal and evening gowns are generally priced the way they are.

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So what are these reasons?

  • The dresses are often designated to designers that design formal wear
  • The prototypes/samples cost more to make than regular clothing
  • The raw materials (i.e. fabric) of the formal dresses are often made of delicate materials which add to the cost of the dress
  • Beading, sequins, embroidery, embellishments are details that often part of evening gowns and these take time to include to the dresses
  • Most good quality evening gowns have some sort of lining underneath, either sateen, satin or silk lining
  • The manufacturing hours that goes into an evening dress or gown takes a lot more time than a regular dress or apparel item
  • Evening gowns stock don’t move as fast as regular fashion clothing and apparel and therefore, stay on retailer’s racks longer. So if stock doesn’t sell as fast, this means it’s an intangible cost to the business to keep the stock.
  • The cost of storage and up keeping the dresses “cost” more. For example; evening gowns are usually kept in dust bags to prevent everyday handling, wear and tear. Also, dry-cleaning costs are much higher for evening gowns than regular clothing.
  • Wholesale cost of evening gowns are generally higher than regular apparel items

At Envious fashions, our custom made collections are all handmade in house. So when we get inquiries about custom made gowns being “expensive”, in truth, it is not the case considering you are getting a dress that has been made from scratch and not mass produced in a factory.

We will walk you through how our custom evening dresses are made from start to finish.

  1. We draw and design evening gowns styles, usually anywhere between 30-60 designs as a rough sketch up of the potential dresses for our collection.
  2. The styles are picked and narrowed down to about 20-25 styles to as part of our collection range.
  3. The drawings of the chosen dress styles are then separated and set aside in our approved lists of dresses to include for the collection.
  4. We then determine what colours we will choose for each of the dresses.
  5. The fabric of the dress is also determined and picked.
  6. Beading, embroidery and embellishments are chosen.
  7. We go through our paper drawings once again and add in all the details such as chosen sizes, colour, material and adornments for the dress.
  8. We start arranging and purchase the raw materials of fabrics and all the other supplies needed to make the dress. 
  9. The evening dresses are measured and marked out with the basic outline of the dress is made. The lining and zipper is added and then finished off in the final shape of the dress.
  10. The beading, sequins and any embellishments are gathered and the hand process of adorning all these on the dress where intended.
  11. The evening dresses are set aside in our inspection area for last quality control and assurance inspection and all ticked off.

While it’s hard to not compare a handmade gown to one that is mass manufactured, you can appreciate the time, labour and effort that goes into each custom made gown. A lot of work goes on in a dress that is custom made so evidently, the price is part reflection of this. With a custom dress in from the Envious Fashion’s formal dresses and gowns collection, you can be assured that your dress really is one of a kind and that no one will have a dress quite like yours!

You may consider selling your special dress to a consignment/pre-loved store such as Love My Label once you have worn it to your special occasion. You can read more about consignment and how it works here

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